Lola & August 2016 – Lingerie for the Modern Romantic

Lola & August 2016

“Designed to decorate the curves of every body with beauty, romance and comfort.”

The image of a free spirit rest upon the fields of everyone’s imagination. A woman, lying comfortably with a smile upon her face and the will to do anything she wants, the strength to conquer any land, to travel far and love even further. As the sun shines upon her and the wind blows quietly, her clothes are flowing and enveloping her body. There is peace on her heart and passion in her eyes. She is no common girl, so she wears no common lingerie – the lace and silk seems to be part of her existence, and the shapes she wears are as peculiar as her soul. We all have this woman inside of us, so it’s time to dress her fascinating essence.

At the first look at Lola & August pieces, it’s easy to see why the Canadian label describes itself as a brand willing to change the way women wear lingerie. Made with ethical local manufacturing and high quality imported materials, the pieces are indeed great options to embrace the body curves and dress the modern romantic. You will not find, in the 2016 collection, classic shapes or simple designs – actually, the sets presented by the designers Sandra and Joanna Mansour are quite the opposite.

Lola & August 2016

Intricate laces, silk ribbons and charming details are some of the components of the collection, marked by the timeless elegance and twist on the classics. Two enticing shades of pink – an angelic baby pink and a dark rosé tone, elegant ivory lace and splashes of pure white are the hues presented on the lookbook, that features unusual pieces with big bows, chains and frills all over.

The fascinating Belle de Nuit set is one of them – a see-through design with fancy lace draping the body in sophistication. The set is composed by a flowing crop top and peek-a-boo lace wrap, all finished with a silk bow, pearl buttons and straps in frill georgette. Perfect for brides, romantic dreamers and anyone who needs more lace in their life.

Lola & August 2016

The playfulness is one of the most significant aspects of the collection. By keeping away from the basics, Lola & August creates a collection made entirely of fun pieces you wouldn’t find elsewhere, as the Strawberry Shortcake set. The interesting set brings vintage airs to the modern girly girl, with high waisted panties complete with lace, cuts and frills. The baby pink and dark rosé bralette goes perfectly along with the bottom, giving to this set the ultimate comfortable look, without losing it’s luxurious aspect.

Lola & August 2016

It is usually hard to relate comfort with other pieces than the basic models we are used to. But with lots of bralettes, laces and remarkable shapes, Lola & August works, in this collection, to transform items like a teddy, a g-string and the cutest peek-a-boos in ones you would like to be wearing every single day. For example, the Chemise de Chasse, a chiffon robe “that fits like your boyfriend’s dress shirt, short and sexy, with bell sleeves and a wide belt that ties into an elegant, oversized bow.” Subtle, simple but sensual – just like the designers wish it to be. And, indeed, it is.

Lola & August 2016

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