Loulette Lingerie Returns to Lingerie Selection

Loulette Dahlia Bodysuit

Loulette is back! The Brooklyn-based lingerie brand is gearing up for another showing at the Lingerie Selection (TLS) this summer.

Loulette Lingerie’s mission is to provide the modern, fun-loving, free-spirited bride with thoughtfully and beautifully designed dresses and lingerie.

Loulette Lingerie hang tag

“Loulette Lingerie believes in quality over quantity, and uses only the finest materials and delicate craftsmanship to make garments that will become and heirloom,” said one of the brand’s founders, LaTimberly Johnson.

The brand joins fellow designers from the Giving Bride, Neveah Intimates, the Muse Lingerie, Blue Eleven Intimates, Clio Lingerie, Uwila Warrior, and Ipek Kiramer.

TLS is scheduled to run from July 30 – 31, 2018 at Daylight Studios (450 West 31st Street, 8th Floor) in New York City from 10am to 6pm each day.

Learn More about the Lingerie Selection
Email: info@thelingerieselection.com
Website: https://www.thelingerieselection.com/

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