Loulette Lingerie SS18

Loulette Lingerie SS18

Loulette Lingerie is one half of a dynamic enterprise that creates fun yet chic silhouettes that are inspired by the needs of the modern bride, with pieces that take her from her blissful day to the subsequent escapades of passion and romance. Designed with a nod towards that sense of fantasy and whimsy, Loulette Lingerie collections are made in the city of endless possibilities, New York.

For the blushing bride or hopeless romantic who might be off on the maritime adventure of a lifetime Loulette Lingerie SS18 collection embodies an aquatic essence that she is sure to embrace.

Reminiscence of summer breaks to Fort Tilden to escape the hustle and bustle of the city as well dreamy longings for the glamorous sights of the French Riviera have helped to create the imprint that has been stamped into the feel of the collection.

Loulette Lingerie SS18

“This collection was really inspired by the beach,” explains LaTimberly Johnson, one of the founding designers of Loulette Lingerie. “I love the sea glass colors in the print and I wanted to make things that were light, airy and breezy. All of the names of the styles are different words that have to do with bodies of water i.e., the beach, the ocean, etc. The names come from many different languages and I just felt they all sounded beautiful.”

Fabrics inclusive of lace, tulle, silk, velvet, swiss dot and CDC work together with embellishments like fringe and appliqué to make this apparel not only visually appealing but also abounding in exciting textural variety. A dominant ying yang colour palette of White/Ivory and Black is buffered by tranquil hues inclusive of Peach, Rosé and Seafoam and an exquisite multi print that reflects the many moods of the seascape.

Loulette Lingerie SS18

What has been fashioned through the shapes, palette and materials in this collection is a complete recreational wardrobe for the romantic rambler who wants to sacrifice neither fashion nor frivolity.

“I wanted to make pieces that were more versatile. Pieces that could be worn at home, at the beach or just out on the town,” says LaTimberly reflecting on her brand’s latest offering.

Both Loulette Lingerie and sister company Loulette Bridal subscribe to the philosophy that the wearer should get the most out of what she has bought so multi-usage was inherent in this collection’s assembly. With most of the assortment available in crisp white and ivory, it bodes well for complementing the bridal side of the business.

Loulette Lingerie SS18

“We pair a lot of our lingerie bodysuits with our bridal skirts,” LaTimberly explains. “Pieces like our Kai crop top and Maya bodysuit can be worn perfectly with a bridal skirt, jeans and anything else.”

Even a dramatic bedchamber article like the Norfolk Robe can be transformed into a piece to reach for on a whim.

“Our Norfolk robe can be worn at home and people have also been wearing it as an [easy- to-layer] cover-up,” LaTimberly informs. “And this season, since I was so enthralled with the beach, I wanted to make things that would be perfect for lounge and [beachside]. The Darya cover-up is so easy to throw on over a bathing suit.”

Loulette Lingerie SS18

Bra ensembles and camisole sets also make up this beautiful collection which, while not lacking in any obvious sophistication, is described by designer LaTimberly Johnson as “easy and breezy”.

“When people are thinking about what to wear while rushing out of the house I would love for some of these pieces to be pieces that they throw on for everyday adventures,” she says. “I don’t want someone to think, ‘this is beautiful but I’ll probably never wear it.’ I want these pieces to be loved and worn as much as possible.”

And as any designer would desire, LaTimberly wants this collection to make the wearer look and feel her best – as if she is all the better for putting it on.
“I think there’s something very special about having a piece in your closet that makes you look like you’ve spent hours getting ready,” she expresses. “And there’s something even more special about having a go-to piece that always gives you confidence.”

Loulette Lingerie SS18

For more information on Loulette Lingerie SS18 and Loulette Bridal

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