Love for Lounge: Versions of She (V.O.SHE)

Versions of She

“At Versions Of She lounge is queen. Lounge is life. You are a queen. So go ahead and spoil yourself in V.O.SHE Versions Of She.”

V.O.SHE offers each wearer the freedom to just be who they are, whichever version of themselves – hence “Versions Of She”. I really want to celebrate the many versions of ourselves that we are as women in all of our complexities,” – Esther Octeau, Founder and Creative Director of this up-and-coming Canadian loungewear brand.

V.O.SHE debuted at the CURVENEWYORK trade show in August of 2019 and immediately gained the attention of bloggers, trend publications, and buyers. WGSN recognized V.O.SHE as a “Designer’s Pick” and a “Brand to Watch”. News of a fresh and exciting brand quickly spread around the Javits Center Pavilion, and needless to say, I was very eager to meet the creator in person.

My interview with Esther showcases a true artist with an impressive sense of self and women alike. She is a designer with a progressive outlook on business and a fashion industry visionary who projects all Versions Of She onto her collection.

Interview with Esther Octeau

Versions of She Esther Octeau

“I’m inspired by what makes a woman beautiful, by women’s emotions, their vulnerabilities, and their strengths. I want to offer other women this sort of real life dream. It’s also a reflection of how I want to feel and live.”-says Esther during our interview.

The Lola Collection

Versions of She Lola
The Lola Collection, which was released in September of 2019, is an elegant and versatile range of separates: a robe, a tank, a cropped pant, and a short. These four pieces are the foundation upon which other groups and collections will be designed to provide seamlessness and continuity.
According to Esther, “The Lola Collection evokes all of the core values and essentially epitomizes what the brand stands for: Free-Spirit, Graceful, Versatile, Sophistication, Quality, Comfort, and Wonder.”

Versions of She Lola Cloud

Versions of She Lola Cloud
“Lola” Collection – Cloud

Designers are often faced with an overabundance of trend directions offered by style resources multiplied by thousands of fabric choices. So how does one focus on a concise direction?

“Choosing a color palette is probably one of my favorite parts of the design process,” says Esther. “It’s also an integral part of infusing the mood and emotion into the collection. I am inspired by so many hues and tones and color combinations; it’s easy to get lost in a dream-world of color. It becomes a crazy puzzle of sorts — I truly believe that narrowing down a color palette is a skill”.

The colors chosen for the Lola Collection are a result of a careful selection process during which three perfect shades are chosen. They are strong on their own and play an integral role while coordinating with other tones.

If you are looking for mindfulness, serenity, and poise, you will love these: Cloud (a clean creamy shade of white), Pink Champagne (a refreshing and lively shade of nude), and Midnight (a deep and mesmerizing shade of black).

Version of She Lola Midnight
“Lola” Collection — Midnight
The fabric used for the Lola Collection is a textured washable satin with an elegant drape allowing for free movement and a relaxed silhouette.

Lola Midnight

“It is a wash-and-go-friendly fabric encouraging a low-maintenance experience for woman with high standards.”

The quality of the material is closely watched throughout development and production to ensure that the end result remains consistent with the brand’s focus on excellence. In the end, customers can enjoy a lightweight breathable fabric with distinct textural nuances suitable to wear just about anywhere.

There is a lot to be said about the styling of the Lola Collection. Even the most demanding fashion connoisseurs will see the perfection in the proportion, lines, and details.

Versions of She Lola Pink Champagne

“Lola” Collection – Pink Champagne

The Short and Cropped Pant feature a unique tulip detail which allows for additional freedom of movement. The waistbands are decorated with a drawstring and antique gold grommets. The tank has a high/low hem detail and an A-line silhouette which matches with both bottoms perfectly. The deconstructed and flowy short kimono robe with patch pockets is versatile and offers a few different how-to-wear opportunities.

“I want a woman to wear her V.O.SHE pieces how she wants to. Let it be a reflection of how she’s feeling in that moment. With a quick shoe change and the addition of your favorite accessories, V.O.SHE Lola pieces really can go from homewear to daywear.”

Versions of She Lola Pink Champagne

“Lola” Collection – Pink Champagne
Designers need to see the future in order to be successful. With rapid technological advances enabling current and future generations to work from home, loungewear moves to the frontier of fashion quickly becoming the fastest growing category.

V.O.SHE addresses this evolution with pieces that are comfortable and versatile as they may be worn at home or in public.

“It’s pretty exciting for me to now be able to live in my dream world of loungewear, wrap it up in a beautiful package, and share it with an audience that truly exists and is only growing. I see loungewear in new variations being even more dominant in the future of the fashion industry.” – concluded Esther.
Versions of She

In addition to the Lola Collection which is masterfully crafted overseas, V.O.SHE will feature a locally-sourced and produced vignette collection for the 2019 holiday season. This collection consists of a limited edition of about twenty pieces in each style and will be featured at a Toronto pop-up allowing customers to experience it firsthand.

The Lola Collection is currently available online at

Stay tuned for the V.O.SHE at the CURVE NEW YORK expo in February 2020 featuring a new captivating collection.


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