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“It’s not the heavy leather bondage look that’s very common in the scene, but it’s not the overly frilly, frou-frou aesthetic either.”

Creating adventurous lingerie and accessories, like leather harnesses and cage skirts wasn’t always what Jessica Ding, the designer and creative genius behind Love Lorn Lingerie thought she would be doing.

Lingerie design fell into Jessica’s lap when she took a job with a mass-market intimate apparel company after graduating from Pratt Institute in 2012.

It was after working in the industry, and getting to know the ins and outs of intimate apparel, that Love Lorn Lingerie was born in 2014. What started as a creative outlet slowly morphed into a full-scale line with seasonal collections. And while she still works in the lingerie industry full time, Jessica spends the rest of her free time thinking about and working on Love Lorn Lingerie.

A Feminine Edge

Love Lorn Lingerie

Love Lorn Lingerie is comprised of feminine bondage and bdsm pieces. Styles a strappy and sexy, she says. However, they have a softer edge to than traditional bondage wear. Her garments utilize thinner straps, softer leathers, and more delicate detailing.

It’s that feminine quality of the designs that make Love Lorn Lingerie stand out from the others. “It’s not the heavy leather bondage look that’s very common in the scene,” says Jessica, “but it’s not the overly frilly, frou-frou aesthetic either. Love Lorn Lingerie sits right in the middle, and offers pieces that are both sexy and comfortable to wear!”

Jessica loves soft leathers that feel good on, and much of her designs are comprised of this material.

Love Lorn Lingerie

“A friend gave me a shoebox full leather scraps and on a whim, I decided to try making my first harness bra,” she explains. “I threw it on Etsy just to see what would happen, and it sold! That was enough positive feedback to keep me creating!”

Experimental Design

Love Lorn Lingerie

Jessica’s most recent two collections are more experimental, incorporating less of the classic bondage look and something more feminine.

The Spring 2018 collection features both leather and delicate black lace, accented by pieces of white leather painted with delicate orchid blooms and an intricately woven bra and harness in beige and gold leather. “These congruent yet disparate looks are inspired by the multitudes we have within us, the different roles and faces we show the world,” she says. “We are both fierce warriors, wearing heavy black leather glistening with metal, war paint on our faces, as well as gentle beings, nurturing, and adorning ourselves with living flowers and warm gold.”

From Love Lorn Lingerie’s Spring 2018 collection, the Orchid set and the Lavender set are standouts. The Orchid set consists of a bra, a panty and a waist cincher all constructed out of white leather and hand painted with delicate blue/purple orchids.

Love Lorn Lingerie

The Lavender set is a triangle bralette and garters made out of incredibly soft dusty blue/purple leather. Jessica hand cuts the leather into strips and weaves them together to form the body of the bra and the garters. Jessica says these are all departures from the classic leather bondage aesthetic, while still occupying the same kink space.

Summer Standouts


The capsule collection of Summer 2018 also takes on a new look featuring different materials such as PVC and vinyl. According to Jessica, it’s light, and the way it reveals and hides, depending on how it strikes the translucent and glossy quality of the PVC becomes important.

The Enlil set, which features a bustier and open crotch thong made out of clear PVC, has been a favorite of customers. The bustier has satin ribbon threaded through the front of it, as well as the front and back of the thong. “The clear PVC creates a wonderful illusion effect where it appears as if the ribbon is threaded through the body,” Jessica says.

Spikes and chunky metal hardware accent the vinyl styles, and are offset by delicate satin ribbon details.

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