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Love Me Sugar Sleep Masks Designer Video Interview

Fueled by her passion of cinema, sleep masks and all things vintage Natalie Vella, who also goes by Mademoiselle Sugar, transformed her loves into a new business called Love Me Sugar last year. Often referred to as “Lingerie for Eyes” her custom made sleep masks are all hand-made in her studio in Paris from vintage fabrics often bought in the city’s famed brocantes (flea markets).

We first noticed Natalie on Twitter when the tweet, “..lingerie for your eyes…” captured our caffeine-addled attention. So we want to share with our readers her wonderful sleep mask collections and also make a note that It’s important to see all the lingerie-related accessories that can help retailers stay profitable in some very uncertain economic times. Natalie and I also talked about how to increase sales with sleep masks. Pairing sleep masks with a sleepwear display is an obvious choice, but also making a nice display by the counter for that last minute purchase would be a must as well. More on this later, but for now we’ve included the video of our interview, a slide show of her recent collections and a transcript of our chat. Enjoy!

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Video Interview Transcript

TLJ:  I’m here with Mademoiselle Sugar, AKA, Natalie and thank you for joining us!

Natalie: Thank you, thank you!

TLJ:  Natalie, I want to start the conversation off by introducing you and your sleep masks. Can you tell our readers a little bit about your company and collection.

Natalie: Yes, my name is Natalie and my company is called Love Me Sugar and I’m based in Paris, France. My sleep masks are very much vintage inspired. They are very eclectic in that they are inspired by pin up, burlesque even turn of the cent victoria. I love all the laces. So pretty much vintage inspired sleep masks.

TLJ:  That’s great. They are incredibly beautiful. What I love your sleep masks is also how you put everything together, your branding. It’s beautifully done.

And a lot of the inspiration that I see is from your background. Your love of movies, your love of historical eras. Could you talk a little bit more about those inspirations and how they feed into your creations.

Natalie: Just for example, I love watching films. I love watching old films. I’m a big fan of of Marlene Dietrich. And often even looking through a book of hers with her fashion, because she was such an icon, I’ll look at pictures that I’ll want to incorporate an element of into my masks.

That’s where the cinema, besides my love of film making and cinema itself, comes in. I love vintage films and the costumes of the era. And there’s always something that will inspire me to create something.

TLJ:  It seems that people have a great reaction to your sleepmasks. They love everything from the creation to the aesthetics of it. So it’s really great to see how you tie everything together.

And everthing that you do is obviously hand made and you produce everything in your studio, correct?

Natalie: In my apartment.


Natalie: You’ve got to start somewhere. And for me its my apartment. It’s the table, sewing machine, the press, boxes full of ribbons and lace and fabrics, so yes, that’s my studio.

TLJ: That’s excellent. I think part of what your saying about how people react to your sleepmasks is not only the quality but the fact that so much love and attention and the hand made aspect of what you do is really special.

And it’s something you basically can’t get off the rack. There’s obviously massed produced sleepmasks out there but the reason a lot of people come to you is because they want something that is unique and that has a story. And I think that you definitely have that.

Natalie: Definitely. And even when I sell my masks, they are all individually wrapped. I always put a little gift card and I make the whole thing special so when they get it in the mail, it’s a little present.

TLJ: That’s great. That’s excellent. I know that I would love to have something like that. It really makes a difference when you buy something like that. It becomes an experience. You’re making a connection to the artist and the product itself and I think that’s a really great thing.

TLJ: You sent us images from your collection and they are beautiful. Could you tell our viewers who want to get more information how to put a wholesale order in.

Natalie: I certainly can. Contact me by my website, My email address is [email protected]. I also have an Etsy shop which is Love Me Sugar so you can contact me there and sometimes I’ll have a wholesale section there as well.

a screen grab of the Love Me Sugar Video Interview with Luis Paredes and Natalie Vella

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  1. Natalie says:

    Thankyou Luis for taking the time and for making this interview with me and for the wonderful support

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