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“The NudeBlack collection…underlines the duality of female spirit: both daring and delicate.” designer, Ruxandra Gheorghe

We have a generous (and beautiful) offering of photos from Ludique’s NudeBlack Lingerie Collection. Designer Ruxandra Gheorghe originally developed the collection for Molecule-F, a Romanian design capsule.

The collection contains light and delicate bras, thongs, bikinis, retro style high-waist and bodysuits as outerwear. The collection is handcrafted as limited edition only with high-quality fabrics and trimmings fine and gentle so that, “[they] can be easily confused with skin.”

Ruxandra’s collection also incorporates elements of Romanian art. On many of the garments you’ll notice geometrical symbols while “floral embellishment and tulle embroidery bring additional attractiveness and preciosity to lingerie, the most intimate robe which veils our body,” added Ruxandra.

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If you’d like to see more of Ludique and/or want more wholesale information, please contact Ludique at

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  1. […] SS12 also features hints Romanian geometrical motifs that we saw in her previous collection, NudeBlack. It’s wonderful to see Ruxandra incorporate elements of Romanian art and heritage into her […]

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