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“The “Ielele” were known as voluptuous, revengeful and tempting, with great seductive force and magic powers”

Dancing nearly nude in dark forests, mythical fairies called “Ielele” from Romanian mythology were known to drive men mad with desire and were described as beautiful playful maidens, voluptuous, revengeful and tempting, with great seductive force and magic powers.

The fairies have inspired generations of stories and artwork and, now, Ruxandra Gheorghe, the designer and founder of Ludique, takes the Ielele as a source of inspiration for her new SS12 lingerie collection of the same name.

The character of the Ielele are mirrored in the new collection and include “delicate and irresistible bodysuits, minimalist bras with frontal closure, high-waist, brazilian panties and a bikini in two combined color tones- black and violet.”

The SS12 also features hints Romanian geometrical motifs that we saw in her previous collection, NudeBlack. It’s wonderful to see Ruxandra incorporate elements of Romanian art and heritage into her collections.

“The style and design of Ludique lingerie underline both the temptress and confident side, and also delicacy and grace which define femininity,” said Ruxandra.

The energy in the new collection is a result of staying true to the Ielele description of fairies as playful and seductive forces of nature. “For this stunning game of the fairies was brought into play a fine fringed lace with infinite geometrical motifs inspired from Romanian art, together with jersey with lycra to underline harmoniously the feminine curves,” explained Ruxandra.

Ruxandra develops each season for Ludique as a limited edition offering and just released this new collection for buyers’ consideration.

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The SS12 Collection

2 Comments on “Ludique SS12 Collection

  1. Avatar Abby says:

    I’m spellbound! What a wonderful inspiration for a lingerie collection. Have read up ion Ielele on wikipedia and am utterly enchanted by this mythology. Such a magical inspiration – definitely a selling point for me!

    • Thank you so much for your appreciation and research concerning the roots of my inspiration, I am really flattered! Mythology and folklore are quite magic. My best wishes!

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