Lupo Sport Collection Q&A

As the weather improves, many retailers have been bringing out sport wear for clients getting back into their spring and summer time exercise regimens. Daniel Corriea of Lupo Shapwear talks to the Lingerie Journal about his company’s new sport collection. (for more details on the collection, see our previous story)

TLJ: With the warm weather approaching, people’s thoughts turn to outdoor activities and getting back into shape. What are some of the new products at LUPO that retailers can stock to take advantage of the warmer weather?

Daniel: Our new sport collection was launched with high expectations and met/fulfilled them all. Great features in our new sport collection help the wearer stay cool and comfortable with moisture wicking fibers. We are also working on new designs as we speak.

TLJ: There’s also offerings for men in the new Seamless Sport Collection. Could you talk a little bit about what’s offered and what makes the mens offerings unique?

Daniel: Our men’s sport offering isn’t as diverse as the women’s but one particular product that I found to be the most interesting is a Sleeveless Compression T-Shirt. The compression aspect gives the garment thermal properties keeping the wearer warm during cold weather and offering a higher calorie burning workout. The compressed and snug fit makes this sleeveless T great for runners as well – from marathon runners to casual joggers!

TLJ: A lot of the technical aspects of the Seamless Sport Collection are also unique to the manufacturing process. Could you tell us a bit about that and why LUPO is manufactured in Brazil?

Daniel: Lupo is a Brazilian textile manufacturer with over 90 years of experience. Lupo has an extremely large ‘domestic’ market in Brazil with over 28,000 points of sales. With this amount of experience and years in production Lupo has evolved their product lines to be top of the line. High-tech, anatomically designed products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities which are ever-growing and expanding to meet the high product demands.

TLJ: What are some suggestions you have to retailers on how to promote activewear at their store or online shop?

Daniel: In my opinion there seems to be a natural social movement towards healthy and fit lifestyles thereby making promoting active/sportswear a simpler task than it seems. A well placed banner goes a long way – for example, a shapewear poster in a fitting room will draw attentive eyes when the customer tries something on that “quite doesn’t fit.” We always try to provide informational tools to our retailers so that they can be well informed of the products they are buying and ultimately selling.  A customer who knows the products’ benefits and properties will be more likely to buy. Online shops I would recommend offering small perks for shopping at your store. The internet is infinitely competitive – so if there isn’t any incentive from buying at your online store why should they? I would recommend offering something like free shipping and discounts for repeat customers.
TLJ: There’s also some news on the horizon for LUPO including an new affiliate program? Could you talk about that?

Daniel: We are eager to finalize the affiliate program! This new sales channel will offer a commissionable value to referred sales. We would like to keep this affiliate program more exclusive for online retailers and/or bloggers, newsletters etc…  We are also launching a rewards program on our website. This rewards program will be geared for the final consumer – where they will be able accumulate points based on dollar amount spent at the website. Final consumers with points will then be able to “cash” or redeem these points for free products on our website. Both these programs should be up and running soon so stay tuned for updates!

TLJ: For our readers who want to talk to a Lupo sales rep in their area, who would they contact?

Daniel: The best thing is for them to contact our Miami headquarters for sales rep info in your area: [email protected] or call 305-251-8004

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