Luz de la Riva

Luz de la Riva Olivia Arousing Nipple Cream

Above: Olivia Arousing Nipple Cream.

“Owned by women, run by women, Luz De La Riva focuses on crafting products that balance one’s sexuality and sensuality.”

The International Lingerie Show (ILS) is only a few days away and we wanted to put Luxury Couture Intimate Cosmetics and Accessories brand Luz de la Riva on our readers’ radars before they head out to Vegas. The brand’s founder and namesake Luz joins us for an intimate Q&A to explore the world of Luz de la Riva and give us a peek at how she started her brand:

Q&A with Luz de la Riva

Luz de La Riva

Above: Luz de La Riva at ILS.

Luz, thanks so much for joining us! I’m hoping we could begin by learning how how you started Luz De La Riva? What was the inspiration to start your business in this category? Did you have a background in fragrance and cosmetics?

I saw a lack of products that did not contained harmful chemicals and we are talking about ingredients that are well documented such as parabens, sls, and glycerines in lubricants. Unfortunately these ingredients found in intimate products are not regulated by FDA, therefore companies are free to use them because they areused as cheap preservatives

Luz de la Riva Stella Massage Oil

Above: Stella Massage Oil.

“Our focus is to make women feel Everyday Sexy.”

I have two beautiful daughters and a handsome son, they are my inspiration in everything I do. I just couldn’t imagine them being contaminated with harmful products for the lack of responsibility to women from the majority of intimate manufacturers for the sake of profit.

Luz de la Riva Sophia Massage Candle

Sophia Massage Candle.

My background is in fashion design and theatre arts, I worked with the great Bill Trevilla, while I was at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, I learned from him how to appreciate the beauty of the female body and how important it is to look and feel good, but most of all to be healthy, regardless of shape form. We all carry an inner beauty waiting to get out and I wanted to represent that by designing a products that looks beautiful on the outside but, is even better in the inside.

Could you give us a brief rundown of the products you offer?

We have design and created a compressive line on intimate products ranging from massage oils, edible oils, lubricants, intimate perfumes to arousing creams, all infused with natural pheromones. All of our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and can be used to the street, to the boardroom, to the bedroom. Our focus is to make women feel Everyday Sexy.

Luz de la Riva Zoe Massage Oil Luz de la Riva Lola Intimate Body Wash

Above and from left: Zoe Massage Oil and Lola Intimate Body Wash.

What were some of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when you first started? How did you plow through them?

The most difficult part in this business is being a small company going up against the giants that have big resources. However with love, passion and persistence, three years later we have built a cult following and continue to grow. We are still working to educate women of the dangers of using intimate products that contains harmful ingredients.

Luz de la Riva Simone Extra slick glycerine-free water-based lubricant

Above: Simone Extra slick glycerine-free water-based lubricant.

Could you tell us a bit about the family that works and supports you and the brand?

My business definitely will not exist without the involvement of my children especially my daughter Savannah, who has been with me from the start. She is a big part of the business, she is an influence a well as an inspiration it will be very difficult to run the business without her.

My son Ian, a scientist, is a great support system if there is a family crisis he is there without a doubt. And then there is my youngest Luna, she is in college, and fluent in three languages and have and an acute eye for styling, being trilingual comes handy when we need translations!

Luz de la Riva Lily

Above: Lily Pheromone Perfume.

The artwork on your products is beautifully done. Could you tell us about the artist you work with to create these lovely images? How and why did you come to work with this artist?

When it comes to the artwork is a truly a soul match! He is the most amazing artist and overall an incredible person I didn’t think I had an extended family until I met him. He is my brother in every sense of the word. From the minute we met it was an instant connection, he just gets me! All I have to do is to tell him what I am feeling about the girl-product that we are working on and he is able to manifest my thoughts and put them down on paper. Any changes are so insignificant that we are able to move quickly. Right now we are working on the new website I am so excited about it, each girl will have their own page having fun in Paris in a grand hotel, I can’t tell you who…but somebody is getting married.

Luz de la Riva Lisa Pheromone Inducing Salt Scrub

Above: Lisa Pheromone Inducing Salt Scrub.

Love this quote from your website, “Owned by women, run by women, Luz De La Riva focuses on crafting products that balance one’s sexuality and sensuality.” Could you tell us how exactly that sentiment translates to your products?

Creating products that are everyday sexy, product that can go from the street, to the boardroom, to the bedroom. We wanted to lift the veil of sexuality and sensuality, to bring that inner sexy in all of us without the feeling of shame and without breaking the bank. We want to give women what we deserved, a gorgeous well crafted product that we can use without any health concerns. My daughters are healthy beautiful sexual human beings and I want every woman to feel this way regardless of age.

If there’s one thing a customer/consumer or retailer should take away from your brand’s philosophy, what would that be?

Be beautiful, be daring, be healthy, be Everyday Sexy.

For any of our readers that want to learn more about Luz De La Riva, where should we point them to? or contact 206.234.1779.

Wholesale Question?

Savannah Robertson
Operations Manager
Luz de la Riva
1010 Blackwood Lane
Lafayette, CA 94549

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    I enjoyed meeting Jackie Du & Luis. The Luz de la Riva products are awesome!

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