Mad Mac Lingerie Collection

Mad Mac Lingerie Collection

Is it a cheetah? A leopard?

The animal-print liner on all Mad Mac knickers drive customers wild creating intense debate as to which feral creature inspired the pattern.

“It’s actually a cross between the two,” explains Rita Harris, Mad Mac’s founder. “The size of the spots are a cheetah’s, but the center color is more like a leopard.”

Mad Mac photo by Jan Klier

An added benefit of the animal print liner: it helps to camouflage creating a longer life for panties. Photo by Jan Klier.

This creative detail makes the Texas-based brand stand out in a crowded lingerie market. Eye-catching prints and a spectrum of vivacious colors from Passion Pink to Emerald also help drive interest and awareness.

Mad Mac: Beyond Thongs

Mad Mac Lingerie Collection

Above: Mad Mac Lingerie Geometrics Collection.

Crop tops, bralettes, camisoles, chemises, and lounge pieces add variety and flexibility to the Mad Mac collection perfect for a retailer’s inventory of replenishable basics (and any lingerie addict’s wardrobe).

Another innovation underpinning the brand’s popularity is its exclusive and luxurious micro-brushed lace serving up a tactile treat for those slipping on Mad Mac lingerie.

“Our customers have said that our product is so soft that they forget they are wearing it.” said Rita. “It also provides a solution to those women who have very sensitive skin.”

Not just a pretty Lace

Mad Mac Lingerie Collection
The micro-brushed lace is not an off-the-shelf addition. Rita worked with her lace company to develop Mad Mac’s signature innovation. Her knowledge of fabrics and years of experience helped shape the final lace product.

Since her early 20s, Rita has worked in the intimate apparel industry. First, as a buyer at Neiman Marcus developing the retailer’s first lingerie catalog, traveling with the company to Europe and Asia and then as part of a prestigious Executive Development Program in the early 80s.

Mad Mac team

“We were merchants. Our jobs were to discover, nurture, development and promote lines that would make a difference to not only Neiman Marcus but our customers,” said Rita. “We were challenged daily to take risks and open our eyes to the endless opportunities.”

This experience shaped Rita’s approach to her own business even after she left Neiman Marcus. Rita says she adopted this mantra shaped by her work at Neimans to guide her: search, discover and pursue opportunities.

the Birth of Mad Mac Lingerie

Mad Mac Lingerie Collection

Above: Mad Mac Lingerie Back to Nature Collection.

In 2010, Neiman Marcus approached her to develop a collection for the retailer’s Last Call stores. The result was Mad Mac. A year later, the Last Call stores sold through the entire collection. Once this happened, Rita made a key decision to help grow the brand – bring production back to the USA.

“[The move] allowed us to have more control over production and the introduction of new product,” said Rita. “It was the right decision at the right time.”

Mad Mac photo by Jan Klier

“We have trademarked the slogan ‘the softest thong you’ll ever wear.’ In actuality, it is the softest lingerie you’ll ever wear.”

With the addition of Sue Ritzman, as co-designer and head of production in 2013, the Mad Mac team was formed. Rita notes that Sue’s extensive background in the contemporary and swimwear industry, years of experience and knowledge elevates their collaboration in the development of the Mad Mac brand.

Mad Mac Lingerie Collection

Key to the brand’s success is that each piece was designed to please a teenage customers or a customer in their 80s explained Rita. That cross-generational appeal is helping Mad Mac expand into boutiques and stores across the US.

“Mad Mac will continue to carve its niche in the intimate apparel world as we work to create trends and offer solutions to today’s market place,” said Rita. “We constantly challenge ourselves to rise above and search for the beauty in lingerie while giving our customer the benefit of a solution piece. We want our customers to love Mad Mac as much as we do.”

Mad Mac Lingerie Collection

See Mad Mac in person

Swooning over the styles featured in this story? Take note, Mad Mac are set to appear at major trade events like the Dallas World Trader Center (October 25-28, 2017) and at CURVENEWYORK in February 2018. Mark your calendars and get in touch with Rita to learn more!

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