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Madame Aime Mood Board

“What inspired us was the femininity, the uncluttered style of the geometric lines and the modernity of the pictures.” – Sabine Besson, Madame Aime.

One of the best things about working so closely with brands are the insights you gain about a collection’s inspiration directly from the designers. A few questions lead you a magical journey from initial sketches to the final stitch on a bra. Madame Aime’s designer, Sabine Besson was kind enough to sit down with TLJ to showcase the mood board behind their AW15 Collection.

Madame Aime AW15 Café de Flore Triangle Bra and thong bikini

Above: Madame Aime AW15 Café de Flore Triangle Bra and thong bikini.

Sabine, could you walk us through the inspiration board for FW15? How did you and your team move from these images to the collection?

For its 2015 Autumn-Winter collection, Madame Aime colored its urban DNA with plants inspirations explaining the presence of organic visuals contrasting with graphic and modern ones. What inspired us was the femininity, the uncluttered style of the geometric lines and the modernity of the pictures.

Madame Aime

Above: Rue des Mauvais Garçons Classique Underwired Bra and brief and Kimono.

There are some lovely textures in these images, how did these tactile visions make it into the final collection?

The pictures’ textures are expressed in the AW15 collection by relief fabrics such as “gros-grain”, used in the finish of the clothing Also by the “plumetis” present in the RTW & lingerie and by the floral Leavers lace of the “Café de Flore” line.

Madame Aime Inspiration

As your eye moves around the mood board, you can see a balance between soft, natural materials and harder, hand-worked items like metal and ceramics. How did this influence the designs and aesthetics of the collection?

We used this contrast of two opposite inspirations in order to give our AW15 collection a strong character. We confronted the softness of the texture with the rigor of the lines.

Could you talk about the fabrics used in the FW15 collection? Why did you pick them for use in FW15? What kind of emotional and physical response do you hope to elicit from someone wearing the collection?

Madame Aime uses the silk for its fluidity, its lightness and feminity, playing with its shiny and mat aspect. The tulle and the microfiber for comfort and support, the lace and plumetis for transparency and sensuality …

The World of Madame Aime

Madame Aime AW15
If this is your first time reading about Madame Aime, please take a little more time to luxuriate over the brand. We have some wonderful editorial showcasing the full AW15 collection and highlight of their RTW offerings as well. Follow the links for the full story:

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Madame Aime Lounge & Ready-to-Wear

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