Magic Silk’s Latest Package Designs

Magic Silk recently sent us images of their new packaging for their men’s and women’s collections.

Jeff Baker, President of Magic Silk, emphasizes that his company’s creative packaging has been a huge component of their success and said, “Customers demand something special, both in and out of the box, and we always strive to meet their expectations,” Baker maintains.

As an example, the company points to the packaging for their new Precious Gems collection. The unique, trapezoid shaped box features a vivid illustration of the garment, and is playfully adorned with red roses and black vines. A holographic, foil logo is stamped into the header.

Some of the items like Sponge Bath Susie, Maid 2 Please, Teacher’s Pet and other naughty costumes are sold in boxes depicting model Mandy Lynn, floating in the clouds beneath a halo and above a flower on fire.

Men, the company explained, “like to look good in the bedroom as well, and Magic Silk is up to the task”.

Their knit underwear collection is comprised of eleven lounge and underwear garments designed “for comfort and style. They are constructed of ultra soft, 100% silk fabric and sold in five bold colors: black, white, red, cobalt and turquoise. The optional packaging is cool and sophisticated, like the upscale merchandise it contains, and will begin shipping on January 1st for Valentine’s Day.”

According to the company, Magic Silk now offers 12 distinct packages, and plans to “keep it fresh” with creative, new designs for the spring of 2011 and beyond.

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