Maison Close CURVENY Teaser

In just a few days, buyers are heading to Jacob Javits to see over 200 brands. Today, we want to give our readers a little tease of what Maison Close is brining to CURVENY from Collection Confidentielle:

Jardin Imperial

“The most luxurious attire is made of gold and desire…”

Maison Close CURVENY Teaser

Masterpiece or frame to a masterpiece? Inspired by Haute Couture, Jardin Impérial propels you in a world of luxury and delight. This exclusive and precious collection, of satin and Leavers lace embroidered with gold, announces moments of ultimate seduction.

This erotically baroque collection plays with transparency to allow glimpses of an underneath silhouette. A collection for those who want to dress themselves with their loveliest attire and reign in their boudoir.

Sizes: S to XL – 32B to 36D

Armee des Sens

“Charm him into obedience at first sight…”

Maison Close CURVENY Teaser

Sculptural in her fitted lace uniform, her heels click in military step. She’s beautiful and imperious; our Muse silences her ranks, hushing with one single glance even the slightest notion of mutiny. Don’t be fooled by her costume. Her iron hand in a velvet glove rules unchallenged and she lines up her conquests, promising each of her loyal warrior much more than the bliss of victory: a night of complete devotion and carnal passion.

Eager to prove their allegiance, her soldiers gather round instantly and, without ever looking back, join her Army of the Senses.

Sizes: S to XL – 32B to 36D

Vertige D’Amour

“When an innocent romance gives way to impetuous passion…”

Maison Close CURVENY Teaser

Like a subtle play on light and shadow, our lace in Indian ink traces an indelible love letter on her skin. Sometimes classic, sometimes daring, this collection offers our confident Muse a special power from Dusk till Dawn, mesmerizing her suitors in the blink of an eye.

Prey to a passionate whirlwind and under her spell, the lover will fall head over heels for our Muse and led into temptation, Love’s Vertigo alone can unchain him and set him free…

Sizes: S to XL – 32B to 36D

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