Maison Close L’Antichambre

Maison Close L’Antichambre
Maison Close exhibits at CURVENEWYORK August 6 – 8, 2017 at stand #651.

“In the Anteroom of Love, the most indecent secrets are being whispered.” – Maison Close

It is a name synonymous with seductive French lingerie and award-winning boudoir brand, Maison Close, never fails to raise the bar when it comes to adding drama and thematic tales to its already stunning lines of intimate apparel.

Maison Close L’Antichambre

Maison Close collections are created subject to a specific mood or muse through which femininity is always allowed to take centre stage and the wearer is rendered the heroine of each entrancing story. And brand founder, Monsieur le Français, has given each woman vast opportunity to live out her dreams through the brand’s offering of such extensive and intensely creative designs that are intended to take her from playful promises to ethereal erotica.

With two new themes – Liaison Fatale and L’Antichambre – now added to the line-up, Monsieur le Français’ portfolio of seduction seems even more irresistible than ever.

And here is a close-up of one of these latest story lines – L’Antichambre.

L’Antichambre: Room for a close-up

Maison Close L’Antichambre

Falling under the Maison Close bloc collection of “Ligne Personnelle”, L’Antichambre boasts of the inherent decadence of lace and its irreplaceable relationship with intimate apparel.

L’Antichambre represents mischievous banter between skin and fabric, using the light and shadow influences of contrasting color tones and is played out on very wearable shapes.

Maison Close L’Antichambre

“This collection is a tribute and a rewrite of lingerie classics at the same time,” says Maroussia Symchowicz, Press and Public Relations rep for Maison Close. “A tribute, because we use timeless, refined, yet classical black lace. A rewrite, for the skin-colored mesh that gives the illusion of nudity.”

Maison Close L’Antichambre

A collection made for teasing.

L’Antichambre is the delicate and intimate contradiction between dressed and undressed, between subtle and saucy – idiosyncrasies every heroine needs.

“What inspired L’Antichambre was a will to create something refined but falsely innocent,” explains Maroussia, “and as always in Maison Close’s lingerie, to draw a parallel with womanhood, and the multiple faces of women. [L’Antichambre is] classic, modern, with just the touch of provocation she needs.”

L’Antichambre’s Foundations

Bra sets, suspender belt, structured (underwire) and non-wired string bodies and combi short teddy are inclusive in this gorgeous line-up. The beauty of this collection is that its shaping and palette make it easily a good choice for both daytime and evening allure.

Maison Close L’Antichambre

Its ying-yang color coding is the highlight of L’Antichambre – a deliberate selection that deepens the deception between where fabric ends and the female form begins, hinted at only where the garment darkens. Such characteristics only add to the charisma of each piece.

“The color palette was one of the means to stress what L’Antichambre speaks of,” said Maroussia. “Skin-colored gives the illusion of nudity but also to enhance the visual effect of the black lace.”

Maison Close L’Antichambre

Maison Close L’Antichambre: styles for all

Within the collection has been built a piece that is perchance suited to every woman to make L’Antichambre as desirable as possible. So no matter who she is, any woman can be lured into the sensual charm and beauty associated with this suitably subtle and sophisticated but pretty and provocative assortment.

“The beauty of this collection is that any woman can wear it,” says Maroussia. “Each lingerie piece is suitable for different ages, moods and silhouettes.”

This offers a variety of options from triangle bra, wire bra and quarter cup. Or even from bodysuits (with or without wires) depending on your silhouette and style.

L’Antichambre size range goes up to size D and E cup for structured pieces. For briefs and other non-wired apparel, up to extra-large.

Maison Close L’Antichambre

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