Maison Close Liaison Fatale

Maison Close Liaison Fatale

Maison Close exhibits at CURVENEWYORK August 6 – 8, 2017 at stand #651.

“Styled for Fatal Attraction”

“Ligne Confidentielle” collections are Maison Close’s take on daring luxury lingerie that blurs the lines between inner and outer wear. With a nod towards boudoir fetish, this lingerie style grouping provides many elements for the wearer to explore her alto ego with just the right hint of pantomime.

Maison Close has now expanded Ligne Confidentielle with a new line entitled “Liaison Fatale” – a collection of beguiling mesh apparel in panther black. Built as if to blend into the night like the skin of this skulking feline, these pieces are ironically created to be seen with their dramatic cuts and shimmering finish. In fact, this collection is just what every femme fatale needs.

“Liaison Fatale has cinematographic inspirations, but also fashion roots with a twist of bondage,” says Maroussia Symchowicz, Press and Public Relations rep for Maison Close. “The black mesh is slightly iridescent, as an allegory of the spotlights.”

Maison Close Liaison Fatale

This collection is not to be passed over as just another black offering, however. There is versatility built within it to satisfy the vixen both day and night. Take for, example, the deep plunged body string, the hero piece of Liaison Fatale.

“First of all, bodysuits are Maison Close’s signature. But this piece has many particularities,” explains brand PR rep Maroussia. “It can be worn by day [becoming] a piece of ready-to-wear with high waisted pants and a jacket. And by night, become the authentic accessory of the seductress, by its transparent back and its revealing front.”

Maison Close Liaison Fatale

Other choices in this unabashedly fierce collection include triangle bra, underwire bras up to E cup, harnessed body string, suspender belt, daring midi see through dress and cheeky rear mesh pencil skirt. And of course there are beautiful briefs to complement the lot.

Besides it poignant shade of black, design techniques like multi strapping, harnessing, suspender attachments and collar effects give Liaison Fatale a soft bondage appearance that’s simultaneously pretty and powerful like the femme fatale who will employ them as part of her modus operandi.

And although Maison Close is already known for its dark, sensuous, indulgent collections the newly added Liaison Fatale will find its niche in the market particularly for its lingerie contributions above D cup – a move that should delight both old and new brand fans.

Maison Close Liaison Fatale

“Maison Close wanted to enlarge the offer regarding bra sizes. With the use of double braces, the wire bra and quarter cup are up to E cup,” says Maroussia Symchowicz, Press and Public Relations rep for Maison Close.

Liaison Fatale also represents a slightly tangential move from Maison Close’s signature design base of being fully revealing especially within highly sensuously charged collections, showing off the inherent nature of the brand to be both innovative and a risk taker. Pieces in this collection are designed specifically to cover but be barely there.

“There are no opened pieces in [the Liaison Fatale] collection, which is also one of Maison Close’s usual signature,” explains Maroussia. “Liaison Fatale is all about playing with transparency and fabrics, and that’s its added value to the portfolio.”

Maison Close Liaison Fatale

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