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Marcia Crivorot Stylist Spotlight

Marcia Crivorot (pictured above) is a founding partner of Crivorot & Scigliano, a consultation business that connects trends, fashion, image and business.

“I truly believe that a woman feels more confident when she is wearing beautiful and comfortable intimate apparel.” – Marcia Crivorot.

Marcia Crivorot’s passion for helping women explore and find their personal style makes her a sought after New York City stylist. She works with local clients and tourists visiting the Big Apple. Her services include style and closet consultation, color analysis and personal shopping.

Today, we’re excited to share our interview with Marcia Crivorot to learn more about her career as a stylist, her recommendations for intimate apparel and some insights into Brazilian lingerie brands.

Q&A with Stylist, Marcia Crivorot

Marcia, could you tell us a little bit about your career as a stylist?

I received my Image Consultant certification in Brazil 10 years ago and then again at FIT after I moved to New York. I started working with people living here and tourists visiting from Brazil and other countries of Latin America. Before coming to New York I also lived in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Singapore.

I work with my clients on everything related with appearance: style and color analysis, wardrobe edition creating looks with clothes that the client already has and personal shopping if it is necessary. Afterwards, I can provide seasons updates. I also give advice on hair color and make up based on the best colors for the client.

Fruit de la Passion lingerie

Above: Fruit de la Passion lingerie.

What is it about intimate apparel that inspires you?

If a woman is wearing the wrong sized intimates, it doesn’t matter if the clothes are wonderful. The outfit will not look right. And we know that this is still a struggle for many women, especially with regards to bras. And I truly believe that a women feels more confident when she is wearing beautiful and comfortable intimate apparel.

undertop lingerie

Above: Undertop Lingerie.

How do you feel women should incorporate lingerie into their wardrobe? How can you, as a stylist, help?

Always following her personal style, we could discuss different ways of wearing, for example, a silk white shirt. During the day at the office, a woman probably would choose a nude T shirt bra, but at night she could wear a beautiful black bra under the white shirt. It is sexy but it is subtle. The most important thing is to feel comfortable.

La Rouge Belle lingerie

Above: La Rouge Belle Lingerie.

What are three high-end Brazilian lingerie brands that you feel American women should know about and why?

La Rouge Belle, Fruit de la Passion, and Verve. They have excellent quality, and different styles, but every woman could find something she would like in all three.

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Are there some Brazilian loungewear brands we should know about?

A. Niemeyer, which makes a special loungewear. It’s perfect for those days when we are working from home.

Is there a very unique or whimsical Brazilian lingerie brand that you know of?

UnderTop is a Brazilian brand that makes lingerie to be shown off, fashionable and unique.

verve lingerie

Above: Verve Lingerie.

“The most important thing is to feel comfortable.”

Of all the Brazilian brands mentioned, do you have a personal favorite? If so, which one and why?

Verve and UnderTop because they are unique.

undertop bodysuit

Above: Undertop.

If you could only style one more client tomorrow and had to put together a lingerie wardrobe for them, what would be the five styles you’d pick?

A black bodysuit that would be very versatile, a good everyday bra that fits her perfectly, a very special bra, panties to go with the bras, and a comfortable and beautiful sleepwear that fits her style.

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