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Glamory Delight20 Stockings

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It’s easy to market gorgeous fashion tights in the autumn and winter, but once the heat goes up hosiery sales almost always go down. Luckily, the modern hosiery industry has given us tons of products that are marketable throughout the year, as long as you are willing to get creative and find out what your customers want.

1. Take stock and get realistic.

Glamory Vital70 tights

Above: Glamory Vital 70 Tights. The brand’s Vital style in both holdups and tights are specifically made to massage and promote blood flow and revitalize the legs whether standing all day or sitting.

“…the modern hosiery industry has given us tons of products that are marketable throughout the year, as long as you are willing to get creative and find out what your customers want.”

There are lots of great summer hosiery options, but they won’t be the same products that sell in October or January. Stock up on products that won’t make people hotter: basic work appropriate sheer stockings, candy colored thigh highs and print and pattern pieces that work with sundresses and short skirts.

This can also be a great time to bring in some retro influenced speciality products, like sheer stockings with interesting heel designs. Finally, don’t forget to bring in some cute socks! These can be great with flats or heels in spring and summer, without creating extra heat.

2. Lead by example.

Glamory Perfect20 Stockings

All of Glamory’s hosiery is manufactured in Germany using lace from Italy and Portugal and yarn from Italy.

Great imagery helps sell products, but it also helps teach people how to wear products that may seem a little impractical. Use platforms like Instagram to your advantage! Create some imagery featuring your seasonal hosiery selection, with a few tips on how to wear and wash each piece. You can also put a little time into creating a hosiery resource center on your boutique site, which helps inspire your customers and improves your search engine results at the same time!

3. Embrace special occasions.

Glamory Deluxe 20 Hold ups

Glamory is more than a plus size hosiery manufacturer. Offering sizing from Medium to 4XL. From a size 4 to 32. An inseam as long as 40” or a thigh circumference as wide as 40”.

The right hosiery can make or break a special occasion outfit, no matter what the temperature is out. Bridal stockings sell well throughout the year, along with sparkly and colorful hosiery. Teach customers that making up their legs can be just as much fun as making up their faces – with some pretty eye catching results!

4. Invest in the statement hosiery trend.

Glamory Dune70 Tights

Above: Glamory Dune70 Tights. The denier of Glamory hosiery is stated at the end of each style. Twenty and 40 denier are year-round hosiery. The thicker 50 denier and higher are primarily worn during colder environments or to achieve a certain look.

Statement hosiery can be a more elegant and breezier alternative to leggings under skirts and dresses. Look for stockings with tattoo influenced designs, intricate screen printing or trendy pops of color. This can be a great way to dress up basic outfits throughout the year. Anytime you wear leggings, you could also be wearing stockings!

5. Practice what you preach.

If you do run a brick and mortar boutique, there’s no better way to interest customers in them than wearing them yourself (or having your staff do so). Boutiques provide great service, but you can also use yourself and your sales assistants as a marketing opportunity. While you might not wander around in lingerie sets, stockings are both business appropriate and easy to wear on the sales floor!

Glamory Dream20 Stockings

Above: Glamory Dream20 Stockings.

We hope our readers enjoyed these five tips and can put them to use at their lingerie business! If you’d like more information about the hosiery brand pictured in this article, Glamory, please visit or contact the brand at

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About Glamory
Since 2011, Glamory has been producing hosiery in Germany with laces and yarns are sourced from suppliers in Italy and Portugal. In fact, Glamory’s hosiery collection offers 34 different styles, 370 different SKU’s, and ten different color combinations.

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