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“Recovery is a time in our life when our bodies are doing a multitude of things simultaneously and navigating that shouldn’t require a compromise on style.” – Nadine Woods.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey for the soul, but it’s a rocky one for the body. Changing shapes and hormones lead to many frustrations with intimates and fewer style options. Mayana Genevière, a high luxe, intimate apparel line was designed to celebrate and support this journey, and bridge the gap between fashion lingerie and maternity undergarments.

Founded by Nadine Woods, Mayana Genevière is designed around the principle that women should have access to the best of both fashion and function as their bodies change. “Studies have shown that body image is at its all time lowest in childbearing years,” says Woods. “This is the time when women are generally rocked with body image challenges and their bodies change. Undergarments become a critical component in these transitions.”

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You can view the entire Mayana Genevière collection at The Lingerie Selection on February 27th and 28th.

The line is not just meant for new mothers, but offers support and function that is essential to every women recovering from a surgery or experiencing a change to her body. “Recovery is a time in our life when our bodies are doing a multitude of things simultaneously and navigating that shouldn’t require a compromise on style,” Woods adds.

As the line prepares to exhibit at the Lingerie Selection show on February 27th and 28th, we wanted to share the Opulence collection with you.

Retro inspired control panties feature vintage, high waist coverage with the elements of shapewear and are designed for support, breathability and flexibility. Comfort is delivered through a silicone-free, soft-brushed waist elastic and a wide cotton guesset. Breathable cotton, double-ply panel supports c-section and abdominal surgery scars while also flattening the tummy. The Control High Cut Brief features elegant lace details and high-cut legs for ease of movement. A Control Lace Coulette also features side lace panels and retro high waist design. A center seam separates and defines the bottom.

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Mayana Genevière’s sexy shapewear helps women reclaim their curves with confidence. The line includes the All-In-One Waist Corset and Control Thong. Both offer targeted, postnatal abdominal support for diastasis recti and pelvic floor healing. With soft, breathable fabrics, including 100 percent cotton and Power Net Stretch Lace LYCRA, women can expect comfort and support. Additionally, the cotton abdominal lining promotes post-surgical healing. It also helps with tightening skin during weight loss.

Mayana Geneviere lingerie collection

The collection features several bra styles, each with the patented ALUXTRA Clasp-Free Technology. This feature transforms each bra from a fashion staple to a practical, breastfeeding garment making it a wardrobe solution that spans multiple stages of a woman’s life. The first of its kind, this design creates a sling effect for under bust support, enhances skin-to-skin contact and gives the bras precise fit and structure. “Ours is the only clasp-free bra that allows for the versatility of nursing as an added bonus without having to fumble through your bra,” says Woods. “It’s made for women who feel like they are stuck in a phase where they feel most foreign in their bodies,” says Woods.

Mayana Geneviere Essential Collection Opulence

“The patented feature that is present in all of our bras is really my most proud innovation,” she adds. “We are able to transform all the bras in our collection into nursing capable without it being noticeable. It is literally jaw dropping.”

Ditching the clasp also makes the nursing function undetectable, so the bra can easily transition back into your everyday wardrobe once you’re finished breastfeeding. “There is a stigma when it comes to wearing your maternity clothes so it removes that ‘maternity’ feel and is a little more accessible to feel reconnected with yourself,” Woods says.

“Having women come back to us saying they feel like themselves, they feel so good to wear something beautiful and not have to loath their undergarments or consider them a disposable necessity is what makes it all worth while,” she adds.

Additionally, each Opulence bra features a low-plunging neckline, multi-way strap capability and a feminine design, which makes them all the more versatile for everyday wear.

The bras come in four different styles—Lace Soft Cup (Wireless), Lace Soft Cup (Wire), Cotton Soft Cup (Wireless) and Cotton Soft Cup (Wire). Bras are available in sizes 30 through 44, in cup sizes A through H, and come in Mystique Noir color way.

Woods takes a socially responsible approach to production, with everything done in-house to eliminate concerns of ethical, environment and human rights that are generally found in the garment industry. “I designed the garments after I was out of the stage [childbearing] but had been developing it while I was breastfeeding,” she says. “I learned a lot about the importance of conscious sourcing and it is a big part of how we produce because fabrics are a critical component to healing, as well. I spent a lot of time working with lactation consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists, postnatal trainers, and OBs to make sure the garments were supportive not constricting. The most important objective was to have garments that supported the body as needed with undetectable capabilities.”

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