MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

“Wearing a sheer anklet with a strappy pump will create much-needed comfort but also it will immediately become a fashion statement.” -Serina Modica, Vice President & Creative Director

Spring weather is around the corner. And while it’s fun to buy new outfits as the seasons change, sometimes the smallest details make a big difference. In other words: accessorizing is a great way to transition your winter look. Hosiery and lingerie brand MeMoi has a new legwear collection for Spring/Summer which is a real asset in that matter. It comes in different colors, textures and shapes, even mimicking jewelry.

“As a lace scallop peeking from under a neckline, a cute jewels encrusted welt showing above the shoe strap will be a social media worthy event,” says Serina Modica, Vice President & Creative Director. “We are hoping that customers will enjoy and have lots of fun with each style in the collection.”

MeMoi took inspiration from the beautiful contradictions that make New York an amazing city to create its Spring/Summer 2019 collection. “Masculine and Feminine, Romantic and Sporty, Basic and Opulent,” says Serina. “As the entire Fashion industry finds salvation in the merge of categories, the same way Spring 2019 trends fuse into something new.”

Sporty Romance

MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

New York is dynamic, beautiful, romantic. There is a wind of creative energy going through its parks, buildings and monuments. You can be whoever you want in the City that never sleeps. Mixing sporty stripes with glamorous fabrics like glittery mesh or pink jersey in the Moon Stripe Anklet can help to add contrast to a classic outfit!

“We love New York and take inspiration from its busy streets and beautiful parks,” says Serina. “From the hipster neighborhoods of Brooklyn to a Fifth Avenue shopping stroll, we absorb the energy and the beauty to condense it into an energetic, fashionable, daring and wearable collection of legwear that easily goes from the morning to late night.”

Timeless Beauty

MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

“We love big polka dots in black, grey or white.”

Of course, some things never go out of fashion. This season, we love big polka dots in black, grey or white. This trend is very present with tights but also anklets. MeMoi’s Sheer Polka Dot Crew Socks look elegant with pumps and fun with snickers. These dots are playful and timelessly sweet.


MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

Now Spring is the season of blooming and floral prints, embroideries and jacquards are definitely en vogue. Memoi’s interpretation of this trend is bringing versatile and sophisticated pieces to our wardrobes. Wearing socks with huge colorful bows around your ankles might look a little “lolita” inspired, but black is enough to elevate the look to a more grown-up level. Of course, it’s up to you how you want to style your final outfit. The balance between colors will help define what you wish to exude.

Searching for a more sophisticated floral? “Floral jacquards created on a sheer base caused quite a stir,” says Serina. Jacquard creates the illusion of a scene drawn over your skin, which can really be delightful and worth showing. It’s soft and delicate. Really, any pair of shoes could be a pretext to display this beauty. “They are technically very difficult to make and have been mastered by best legwear manufacturers only,” adds Serina.


MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

“Fishnet tights are actually very versatile…they’ll give you a streetwear look perfect for the upcoming summer festivals.

Just like polka dots, fishnet is a timeless trend. It’s been there for years, sometimes depreciated sometimes celebrated.

“One of the best textures for us has been fishnet in various sock and tights silhouettes,” says Serina. “Fishnet by itself or worn over another style always presents a great visual interest and is the ‘asked for’ texture for Spring.”

This spring fishnet pops up in the MeMoi collection in several variations—Extreme Fishnet Tights, Backseam Bow Fishnet Tights and Rhinestone Fishnet Tights, to name a few. In addition, the All Net Glitter Anklet sock comes in Black, Charcoal, White and Peach Whip.

Fishnet tights are actually very versatile. Worn with denim shorts, a loose fitting top and black boots, they’ll give you a streetwear look perfect for the upcoming summer festivals. However, they’ll seem considerably more delicate if you wear them with pastel colors. Fishnet socks can also elevate a casual outfit and give it this effortlessly cool look.

MeMoi Spring/Summer 2019 Legwear Trends

As women are feeling free to experiment with their clothing and expressing their personality through fashion, legwear is becoming a great accessory to easily refresh an old wardrobe or put together different outfits with simple elements. While black and beige remain very popular this season, we can expect some creative styling as the temperature allow us to show more legs and wear more glamorous shoes!

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