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Retailers can attest that effective merchandising is an essential tool for increasing sales. Grouping items by colour or use, creating vignettes, adding playful or unusual articles, re-merchandising weekly, and giving “spot light” to certain products or lines are all means of helping to draw the attention of customers to particular items; aiding the customer to “find” something that appeals to them.

Point of Purchase (POP) displays are another means of helping retailers merchandise products in a way that promotes impulse buys, creates lasting brand impressions.

One company that is making Retailer’s lives easier by assisting in this area is the lingerie wash company, Eucalan. The company recently announced that a new table top POP is now available.

Eucalan POP Display

an image of the new Eucalan POP Display

Eucalan is a no rinse delicate wash scented with pure essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit or natural/unscented. The company describes its wash as, “an eco-friendly, non-toxic product that has a natural lanolin-enriched formula which helps to condition and reduce static. Eucalan is free of bleach, phosphates and dyes, and comes packaged in an easily recycled hdpe plastic bottle. Good for top and front-loading washing machines, Eucalan’s unique ‘no-rinse’ benefit allows the user to cut down dramatically on water and energy consumption, so a win-win situation for the environment as well as the consumer.”

The company noted that tests of the POP prototype in both a linen/gift store and ladies wear boutique were favourable, with 10-293% growth in Eucalan sales during a 1 month period.

“Retailers sited that they liked the look of the display and felt it gave the Eucalan products a real presence in their store.”

Eucalan is offering the unit stocked at a price, the company says, “retailer’s can’t refuse – no charge for the POP display, just the wholesale cost of the products. Fantastic value considering the POP display is worth over $100!”

“We are certain the POP display will increase sales for our retailers and have invested in the R&D and production of the units. Offering them at no cost to our retailers was important as we know that even small costs can affect the bottom line each month. We’re certain the investment will pay off in the short-run” said Jennifer Edgar, Managing Director of Eucalan.

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