Mundo Unico Launches Evolution

Mundo Unico just sent us a few photos from their final collection for 2010 – Evolution.

“Evolution is the second collection within the Unico Futuro concept,” noted the company. “Evolution brings changes to the underwear market, with new microfibers, rich texture fabrics and beautiful designs. The pallet of colors in this collection lies within a selection of grays, blues and whites, immersing into the winter fashions.”

All of the materials used for their collections are exclusive to Mundo Unico and each style comes in a variety of sizes.

“Unique details are found in each garment, as subtle purples outline the piece with a touch of fashion. ┬áNew shapes and lengths put the edge on sexy: Dominio trunk and Impulso trunk, introduce a shorter cut, with a great fit and a hot new look,” said Olga Lucia Oggioni. “The collection also brings cotton based boxer briefs, trunks and briefs for all the Mundo Unico fans that love colored stripes and funky designs in their underwear. Evolution transcends change and new possibilities.”

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