Muse Lingerie Rhea Collection

Muse Lingerie Rhea Collection Bodysuit

Above: Muse Lingerie Rhea Collection Bodysuit.

“Rhea signifies the woman of strength and in mythology she represents ‘the mother of gods’.” Marcela Fiol, the Muse Lingerie.

by Michelle Broomes

With collections that have so far been deeply influenced by Greek mythology and the mystical portrayal of women, US intimate apparel brand The Muse Lingerie presents another empowering collection entitled “Rhea” designed by brand co-founder Julio Tabares.

Rhea is a tempting trilogy look that encompasses babydoll, body and a bra set which includes garter belt and is offered in stunning red lace and black stretch satin.

Muse Lingerie Rhea Collection Bra Top, Garter Belt and Thong

Above: Rhea Bra, Garter Belt and Thong.

Co-founder of The Muse Lingerie, Marcela Fiol explained that the designer’s inspiration behind the brand was based on the concept of “a powerful woman who is not afraid to show the world exactly as she is.”

To this end the pieces are created in two of the most commanding colours in intimates wear, combined for maximum effect. Rose red lace gets these pieces noticed and black stretch satin with a metallic sheen makes them comfortable to wear whilst sensuously hugging the body’s curves, an intoxicating merger that has made Rhea one of the brand’s best sellers.

Muse Lingerie Rhea Collection Babydoll

Above: Rhea Babydoll.

“Everybody fell in love with this design,” boasts Marcela Fiol, speaking of the collection’s success.

The Rhea collection is available in the brand’s SS16 catalogue but is already available to order. With the holidays on the approach Rhea makes a perfect present for that special someone and also doubles as the ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

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