Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear

Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear

“Marcela’s philosophy is that there should be no limit as to how and when a woman can wear intimate apparel…”

It was one of the top fashion trends for 2015, and even though the concept of lingerie as outerwear was not a new one, brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Oscar De la Renta certainly made it seem more desirable and sophisticated.

And there seems to be no let-up in this fashion movement possibly due to influences such as the demands of the ready-to-wear (RTW) industry on the intimate apparel sector to constantly produce trendy sexy, feminine outfits in conjunction with each other.

Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear Runway Inspirations (credit: Vogue)

It’s always good to speak to brands that are doing things well and recently we at TLJ saw what lingerie brand Muse Lingerie is doing with the clever combination of lingerie as part of outerwear when they styled Penelope and Pandora, two of their luxurious bodysuits, as part of glamorous outfits.

Co-founder of Muse Lingerie, Marcela Fiol explained that the looks created were influenced by that woman with a strong yet feminine persona. She advises that employing these pieces both as underwear and outerwear should inspire the wearer to feel confident – that she can show some skin and feel sexy and irresistible.

For Marcela, the decision to use lingerie as outerwear was an easy and obvious one, given that women are already simulating the trend.

“We see women wearing lace dresses, blouses, etc., that look like lingerie. [So] why not wear lingerie directly?” she reckons.

But what makes a piece of lingerie suitable to be worn as part of ready-to-wear?

Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear

Marcela gives some insight into this as this is what goes into making her brand apparel worthy to be seen outside. Such pieces need to be adaptable to just about all body shapes so that they appear flattering when being shown off for all to see.

“Our designs already have the techniques/considerations to fit perfectly to all different shapes,” she assures.

And since the chosen material is fundamental to this factor, Muse inputs stretch fabrics into its creations to obtain compliancy with the needs of the wearer’s curves.

Appropriate coverage is yet another significant feature to wearing lingerie as outerwear as the garment needs to provide the optimum amount of concealment to maintain a sense of privacy even if it is essentially an item of underwear.

Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear

Marcela’s view is that any of her brand’s pieces can be ultimately worn as part of a ready-to-wear outfit as the right accessories diminish any limitations placed upon the wearer. She suggests using accompaniments like pasties and beige bottoms as they can be effective in pairing with sheer fabric outfits to make them more street worthy.

“So many dresses or blouses are absolutely see-through. Just wear any of those [bust] tapes or [similar] accessories and you can use your favorite lingerie and look unique,” she recommends.

Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear Runway Inspirations (credit: Vogue)

Overall, Marcela’s philosophy is that there should be no limit as to how and when a woman can wear intimate apparel and that it should not just be relegated to behind closed doors. Even just showing a tease of lace can make women feel “sensual and proud to be in their own skin”.
“We [at Muse] think that lace, mesh and satin can be worn anytime,” Marcela says.

And according to her, their direction in styling their lingerie as outerwear has affected the Muse Lingerie brand positively and has been well received by their clientele.

To this end, the brand will continue to push the boundaries between underwear and outerwear and is purposing to bring us new combinations for SS18 making use of light and pastel colors.

Muse Lingerie Styles Lingerie as Outerwear

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