Naked Showroom Visit

Naked Showroom

Story and photos by Luis Paredes

Menswear is an exciting and vibrant category that is going make more headlines in 2015. There are a dizzying amount of brands out there and many more launching so we’ll do our best to cover the best on the Lingerie Journal in this new year.

Luckily, we’re off to great start. The Naked team recently invited me to visit their NY showroom and meet the brand’s founder, Joel Primus.

Naked Showroom

Exiting the elevator, I walked into the sleek and comfortable Naked Showroom. Both Joel and the team were there to walk me through the line and get a taste of what the brand is unveiling.

Naked Showroom

There’s a lot to be excited about and the Naked collection is gorgeous. The underwear looks and feels comfortable to the touch and the aesthetics are crisp and attractive. I liked the cut and the fit on all the garments on display at the showroom.

Naked Showroom Joel Primus 2

Above: Naked’s founder, Joel Primus.

I was also impressed by Joel’s infectious passion for the brand. He wants to make a difference not only within the market, but also a difference in the lives of NAKED’s customers and beyond.

Naked is partnered with charities near its home base of Vancouver and abroad with Project World Citizen (PWC) amongst others. Through PWC, the brand donates a portion of each sale to building computer labs in rural Ghana. PWC helps create sustainable opportunities in the region by focusing on education, training and skill development. Naked also houses all donated computers in its warehouse, which doubles as the Project World Citizen Society headquarters.

Naked Showroom

Naked’s logo also deserves a mention. It’s a beautifully crafted piece of typography giving the viewer, in my opinion, a subconscious nudge towards recognizing what’s invisible underneath is just as important as what’s layered on top.

Naked Showroom

2015 promises to be an eventful year for Naked as it sets its eye on becoming a global lifestyle brand for both women and men. Their creative team is hard at work developing amazing women’s intimate apparel, sleepwear and loungewear set to be unveiled this year.

Stay tuned for all of Naked’s developments!

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