Natural & Naughty: Remote Lingerie Photoshoot

Remote Lingerie Photoshoot by Becky Yee 20200501_iphone_Naughty_natural-73

In April 2020, due to Covid-19 crisis, award winning photographer Becky Yee saw most of her brand campaign shoots rescheduled until late summer. The innovative artist brought together a professional makeup artist and an agency model virtually.

Through the technology of video conference Becky organized the team virtually from three separate locations. Equipped with only an iPhone and ring light the model was able to execute the shoot in her own Brooklyn apartment.

Connections made at CURVENEWYORK

Remote Lingerie Photoshoot by Becky Yee 20200501_iphone_Naughty_natural-18

Designers which Becky had met at the lingerie trade show CURVENEWYORK were selected for the theme Natural and Naughty. The samples came from Studio Pia in the UK, Ame Nue Intimates from Australia, Vienne Milano and The End Lingerie from various parts of America.

How a Remote Lingerie Photoshoot Develops

Remote Lingerie Photoshoot by Becky Yee 20200501_iphone_Naughty_natural-39

The team came up with ideas on how to execute the theme and set a time to meet on a video conference call. The samples were shipped to the model. The model Naoumie Ekiko with Q Models was in Bushwick Brooklyn. The hair and makeup artist, Luis Perez with Motives Cosmetics was in Allentown, PA and the photographer Becky Yee was in Jersey City. The shoot was done from start to finish without anyone being in the same location.

Styling a Remote Lingerie Photoshoot

Natural & Naughty

The makeup artist Luis Perez instructed Naoumie on which colors to use and makeup application for the look and vibe he wanted to achieve on the shoot. The photographer Becky Yee had Naoumie moving furniture around her apartment and adjusting the placement of the ring light and adjusting the placement, angle and height of the iphone camera. The results six final images for an editorial called “Natural & Naughy” published in the Lingerie Journal.
Natural & Naughty

There is a saying “if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain” you could say “if the model doesn’t come to the photographer, the photographer must go to the model”, but in the current situation it wasn’t possible.

But nothing stopped Becky Yee from collaborating and photographing in a fresh and stimulating way. She created amazing pictures from another space without leaving the comfort of her own home. Want help on your next shoot? Contact Becky for rates and availability.

Work with Becky Yee on a Remote Lingerie Photoshoot

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Behind the Scenes: Natural & Naughty Remote Lingerie Photoshoot

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