New ILS Show September 2018 Photos

Felina Modesl at NILS

Above: Felina. Photos by David Cherkis.

The New International Lingerie Show wrapped up its second edition earlier this week with approximately 40 exhibitors showcasing lingerie, accessories, swimwear, corsets, pleasure products and menswear to visiting buyers the West Gate Hotel in Las Vegas. We’ve collected a few images from the first day of the show for our readers to scroll through and enjoy:

Oh la la Cheri booth at NILS

Above: Oh La La Cheri.

Starline at NILS

Above: Starline.

Ana's Creations at the New ILS Show

Above: Ana’s Creations.

NEW ILS team with Oh La La Cheri Team

Above and from left: Chad Timney of NILS; Sarah Konkel, Oh La La Cheri; Cynthia Herbst, Oh La La Cheri and Roland Timney of NILS.

NILS Sept 2018 show

Magic Silk at NILS

Above: Magic Silk.

Lovely Lies at NILS

Above: Lovely Lies Lingerie

New ILS Show September 2018 Photos FULL

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