New Lingerie Businesses Get A Boost with New eBook by Ali Cudby

7 Steps to Boost your Lingerie Business by Ali Cudby

Ali Cudby launched a new ebook designed to help Lingerie Business owners called “7 Steps to Boost Your Lingerie Business”. 7 Steps to Boost Your Lingerie Business is a guidebook for any lingerie business that wants to improve relationships with customers, bring in new customers, and make their lingerie business thrive says Cudby.

Lingerie professionals can download a copy of 7 Steps to Boost Your Lingerie Business free this holiday season, and for a limited time by going to the Fab Foundations website:

Ali Cudby, founder of the FabFit Academy

Above: Ali Cudby, founder of the FabFit Academy and author of 7 steps to boost your lingerie business.

Asked why she decided to write the eBook, Cudby said, “I kept hearing similar questions from my lingerie consulting clients, and I figured if these folks were all dealing with these issues, I’ll bet even more lingerie retailers face similar challenges. Listening to the experts talk throughout the interviews, it became clear that applying these same 7 steps would help throughout the lingerie world”

in the eBook, readers can learn business-boosting tips from industry experts at brands including: Secrets In Lace, Journelle, Cosabella, Eurovet/Interfiliere and more –- as well as best practices from experts in the greater world of retailing.

“Truthfully, these are universal business challenges, but shared expressly for the unique issues lingerie businesses face. Having the handy guide at the end of the book makes it easy to apply the 7 steps to your business,” said Cudby.

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To download the free eBook, please visit:

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