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Heat + Fabrics = Innovation

Earlier this year, we opened our readers eyes to Framis Italia’s NoSo® Bonding Technology that is now available through La Lame Inc.

The NoSo® Bonding Technology system, based on principles of thermodynamics, utilize heat-welding tapes that fuse fabrics together providing seamless results – results that might be near to impossible to achieve by hand or machine sewing.

Today, we want to share this technology in motion via Framis’ videos:

Framis Italia Weld & Cut Machine

Weld&Cut machine for apllying one sided or double sided adhesive tapes to the edge and trimming any excess of fabric. It is equipped with an electronic tape tensioner and make applications on both open and closed garments.

Framis Italia High Pressure Taping Machine

Machine with motorized top roller and pressure up to 35 kg for taping or waterproofing very thick overlapping fabrics and seams.

Framis Italia Joining Machine

Machine for joining two fabrics.

Framis Italia Folding Machine

Machine for folding the edge of a fabric to which a two-sided adhesive tape has already been applied.

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