NuBra Video Shoot at Bradelis

NuBra Video Shoot at Bradelis

For two hours before opening their doors, Bradelis’ flagship store in New York City became the backdrop for a new video showcasing the stories of a dozen women who’ve experienced the benefits of wearing NuBra.

On the second day of shooting, the production team went a little over schedule and customers started to trickle in. Most were unfazed by the cameras and microphones and went about shopping.

NuBra Video Shoot at Bradelis

One customer, however, stopped to listen to one of the women telling her experience with the strapless, adhesive bra:

“NuBra is great. It works great no matter what you’re wearing,” said Twyla Robison during the shoot. “It gives you that extra boost and makes you feel good about yourself.”

That customer listened to Twyla’s story, turned towards the checkout counter and asked the salesperson to see a NuBra sample. She left that day with NuBra and a few other lingerie pieces.

NuBra Video Shoot at Bradelis

It was great to witness the power of story and how hearing an authentic product review can help a customer make a decision.

We’ve included a few images from the NuBra shoot here. We’ll also share those videos once they’re ready.

And we also encourage our readers to visit Bradelis in New York City. Details for the brand and boutique below:

Learn More about NuBra


NuBra Video Shoot at Bradelis

Visit the Bradelis Flagship Store in NYC


Bradelis New York Address
NEW YORK, NY 10012

NuBra Video Shoot at Bradelis Gallery

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