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Editor’s Note: Nudwear provided the product for this review.

by Otaymah Bonds

Otaymah is author of the Glamour Gladiator and CEO of Eternal Women Inc, an Image Consulting company. She can be found trying to find great veggie cheese or at the spa.

When a company makes a large claim like “Traditional bras will never be the same again…” It can appear be a lofty statement. Nudwear made such a claim and The Lingerie Journal reviewers were called upon to distinguish if the claim was valid. Nudwear and TLJ linked in order to try out their new lace collection of adhesive bras and daisies.

Let us begin by saying that the Nudwear customer service was exceptional. The product packaging alone was enough to make consumers rethink lingerie. Each item came in its own travel case, complete with individual directions. As if that were not spectacular enough, each case has a hard shell in order to ensure product protection, thus extending the life of each bra significantly. To top it all off there are dividers in the cases so the bra halves won’t stick together (as silicone is prone to do). Ingenious! You can reuse both the bras and the cases. Talk about efficiently and earth friendliness. Awesome!

nudwear daisies adhesive nipple covers

The adhesive bras surpass their traditional self stick bras simply because they actually work. Not only do they accomplish the job of upholding your precious pair, they do so with flair. There is a lace overlay on the bras, so you feel sexy and like you’re wearing an actual piece of lingerie!

Daisies are an innovative nipple cover. Most nipple covers promise to do one thing-cover. Daisies go beyond regular nipple covers by offering protection from the elements and seamless technology. You no longer have to worry about the weather and how it will affect your look. With Daisies nothing pokes out, as a matter of fact Daisies are undetectable. They are so undetectable that we had to check and make sure they were still on. They were just that comfortable and infallible.


You may be wondering if the adhesive wear held up to being used more than once… The Nudwear lace adhesive bras and Daisies were used a record breaking five times! At no time of us using them did they falter, and they were used in the most intense setting in three of the five occasions-at beauty pageants. The bras and nipple covers held up to sweat, pulling, yanking, and everything else that happens both backstage and onstage.

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