Oh là là Chéri Founder Spotlight: Nicolas Attard

Oh là là Chéri Founder Spotlight

“What has propelled the growth of Oh là là Chéri…has been the constant striving to provide lingerie styles that are right on the leading edge of where the fashion world is going.” – Nicolas Attard.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

He combined two things that he loved most – making women feel absolutely confident and cherished and an unquestionable talent for designing exquisite lingerie – and Parisian born designer Nicolas Attard created the sensuous world that is Oh là là Chéri in 2007.

Today from its headquarters in the USA, the land which stole Nicolas’ heart as a tourist, Oh là là Chéri lures and captivates women around the globe as far East as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Nicolas intends that she, the consumer, not just buys this lingerie to impress her onlookers but ideally to cherish and pamper herself just because…

Attention to quality and detail, exponential choice, versatility of product and attractive price point has made this brand a leader in the seductive category of the market, bringing women worldwide ever closer to experiencing the traditional spirit and romanticism of French-styled lingerie.
As the brand prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary Nicolas tells the TLJ about his inspiration and mission behind Oh là là Chéri.

Q&A with Nicolas Attard, Founder of Oh là là Chéri

Nicolas at the International Lingerie Show in 2015

Above: Nicolas at the International Lingerie Show in 2015.

Nicolas, thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your brand! I’m hoping you give our readers, who might not be familiar with your work, some insights into what Oh là là Chéri is all about?

Oh là là Chéri is all about empowering women, understanding women. It sounds like a cliché but we have always been part of the leading lingerie brand offering an experience to women. Fast fashion is a challenging market when it comes to lingerie and yet we have built a healthy reputation based on our trends, our vision and appreciation of what women want. Society is evolving. Now women want to please themselves before pleasing anyone else.

Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection

Above: Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection.

What every woman wants is to feel confident, superior, and comfortable with her own body. And lingerie is one of the bullets in the weapon they use. Lingerie makes women feel beautiful and powerful in front of a guy. And even if there is no guy involved, there is the pleasure of self, of feeling good about oneself. What has propelled the extraordinary growth of Oh là là Chéri over the years has been the constant striving to provide lingerie styles that are right on the leading edge of where the fashion world is going.

Oh la la Cheri Mask

Above: Oh La La Cheri Eye Mask.

“I believe, over the years, we have built a reputation of quality, fit and design at a lower price point than our competition.”

While this might seem an obvious goal, very few firms making “sexy” lingerie are working in this way. The norm is to repeat age old silhouettes and colors season after season. The result is boredom instead of excitement. Because we are following the trends so closely, we are considered as a key resource by the fashion-forward stores and websites.

Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection

Above: Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection.

Nicolas, could you tell us a little bit about how you started Oh là là Cheri? What was the spark of inspiration that propelled you to create your own lingerie brand?

I always believed that lingerie is a unique category on its own. Years ago when I started, sexy lingerie used to be this unknown category. It used to be associated with sex toys and was very adult. On the other hand, you had a mass market for “mainstream” underwear. I identified back then an exciting market where both markets, what was considered “adult” and mainstream, would overlap and create a third markets, much more exciting, where fashion meets every day or even night lingerie wear. That was my main spark to start. Now lingerie has become part of women’s fashion wardrobe, their fashion statement. They are proud of it. They take pictures of it on Instagram and Facebook. They go out with their lingerie showing.

Why was it important for you to shift the focus of lingerie towards what women want and desire? Do you feel you have achieved this?

The only way to succeed in a saturated society of consumption is to have a psychological approach to the consumer base and understand the consumers and the generation they belong to. The millennial generation is all about themselves. They better understand what they want and don’t want, like and don’t like, and they pay very close attention to the image they project and want to project. Top that it off with an obvious youth effect consisting on taking good care of yourself in order to look as good as possible. When it comes to women, the sexy dimension is completely part of this new behavior. I have been observing women through the lingerie “window” and tried my best to respond quickly with collections that celebrate any type of body. Whether a women is short or tall, standard size or curvy size, she desires the same thing. I will never claim I have completely achieved it as it constantly evolves.

Mannequin Challenged performed by the Oh La La Cheri team and filmed by the brand’s Photographer, Victor Rodriguez.

Nicolas, tell us how much you value the reputation of the Oh là là Chéri product?

Again, I believe, over the years, we have built a reputation of quality, fit and design at a lower price point than our competition. It all started when we were not known at all and decided in order to be convincing that we need to come out with a line that would carry a quality, fit and design of a line that should and could be positioned much more expensive. It is the reason, by the way, that a lot of our retailers are having a higher margin with our products as the product looks expensive. So, I take personally and very seriously the whole process of fit, quality control and packaging. I am myself involved in each of those steps in order to keep the highest standard possible in place.

Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection

Above: Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection.

On your website, you mentioned that, “Oh là là Chéri combines function and intricacy to meet today’s woman’s needs.” Could you give us an example, using one of your styles, of how that translates into the final product?

Many of our products offer a great deal of comfort again due to the fact that we try to overdo every process. What comes out of it is good fit, good quality and most of all comfort for most.

The other thing we factor more and more into consideration is to offer versatile pieces of lingerie that can have multiple uses – lingerie meets outerwear.

As an example, take the cover of our designer book for current fall winter style #52-10386 which is a teddy. The design, fit and comfort allows you to wear it outside under a jacket, to look like a million bucks. Here we are offering both function and intricacy.

Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection

Above: Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection.

Could you tell our readers what trade shows/events they can expect Oh là là Chéri to exhibit with in 2017?

We will be exhibiting as usual at CURVENEWYORK and CURVELASVEGAS and Altitude Intimates in Las Vegas.

Which collections are you planning on taking to the shows?

Our current Fall/Winter holiday for curves for replenishment and our new Spring/Summer 2017!

Oh là là Chéri SS17 Collection

In your opinion, why should more retailers consider carrying Oh là là Chéri?

We are the brand of the today and tomorrow. The consumer is more fashion educated than ever – she wants statement pieces, trends, fit and quality at the lowest price point possible with great customer service and a brand that stands behind its product! That would be us!!

You have achieved a huge milestone this year, could you tell us a little bit about what you may have planned for the anniversary of your launch from 2007?

That’s a great question and you read my mind as we have been thinking about it! Indeed, we are coming up with something very special which we are hoping to impact the market with….stay tuned!!!

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