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JV Light Up Club Wear

Whether you listen to trance, house, hardstyle, hardcore, DnB, dubstep, techno, trap, or happy electro, one thing is clear: electronic dance music (EDM) has grown to encompass a wide variety of subgenres in the music industry and has an overwhelmingly large fan base. What once started out as an underground movement has now emerged as one of the largest industries in the world. Music festivals such as Ultra and the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) have transformed electronic dance music into an otherworldly experience. Artists do not simply create beats, but inspire people from all walks of life to come together for one night (or several) to simply dance and be happy. It is hard not to be moved when watching a crowd of thousands people jumping up and down, bonding over the musical experience.

The fantasy like atmosphere of EDM shows leads many to dress up in costumes. Outfits range from crop tops and short-shorts to full head-to-toe ensembles of animals, fairies, and the like.

Several months ago I made plans to fly out to Chicago the weekend before Halloween to visit a really good friend of mine that I met at an EDM show in New York. We had plans to attend the Haunted House Tour show Saturday October 27th featuring Knife Party, Tommy Trash, Kill the Noise, Baauer, and Zanelowe. Knowing that people would be dressing up in the most elaborate of outfits I reached out to my editor to see if I could obtain a costume to review. Within a matter of days I received several emails from costume, clubwear, and swimwear provider J Valentine telling me that they were sending me three costumes!

When the costumes arrived I immediately tore open the box and spent the next two hours trying them on while dancing about the apartment listening to Above and Beyond’s Essential Mix. After I was finished, I began packing for my trip. I couldn’t help but laugh at the way the costumes took up all the space in my bag, leaving room for just the bare minimum in terms of normal clothes. But really, who wants to wear normal clothes the weekend before Halloween anyways?

Husky Costume

I arrived in Chicago on Thursday evening. The next day my friend Kyle Miller and I were deciding whether or not to attend a costume party when we saw Midnight Conspiracy had posted on their Facebook page that they were giving away free tickets to the Freaky Deaky show that night. Kyle and I just looked at each other for a moment before each rushing to our computers to like, share, and comment on the post in an attempt to win the free tickets. Obsessing over the show, we sat staring at the screens of our laptops, refreshing the page for an hour hoping we would be chosen. To our great surprise, I won. We were going to go see Midnight Conspiracy, Bloody Beatroots, and Wolfgang Gartner at the Congress Theater. I couldn’t have been happier. Here was my first opportunity to showcase one of the costumes I received from J Valentine.

Halloween Shows

For Freaky Deaky I chose to wear the husky costume J Valentine sent me. This elaborate outfit came with a furry corset top, harness with leash, skirt complete with furry tail, claw gloves, claw legwarmers, and husky hood (all faux fur). Needless to say, it was a bold look.

Husky Costume

Walking down the streets of Chicago to get to the subway, passersby couldn’t help but stare. The costume made me feel elated, ready for a full night of dancing.

During the show I continuously had people come up to me to compliment my ensemble. However, looking around I was certainly not the only one dressed from head-to-toe. The Congress Theater was filled with thousands of girls and boys in costumes of all sorts.

In the past, when attending shows, I had been wary to wear costumes, fearing that they would get in the way of my dancing. To my surprise, the husky costume had no interference with my night of fun. I jumped, twirled, twisted, and lunged, but no matter what the corset stayed in place and the skirt never rode up. Minus feeling slightly overheated from all the faux fur, this costume was the perfect fit for me. I cannot wait to take it out again and use it for the next music festival I attend; maybe EDC Las Vegas this June or Ezoo at the end of summer. The pieces of the costume are clearly made with high quality materials. With so many individual parts, it is easy to mix and match and adapt the outfit to your style.

Husky Costume

The next day I couldn’t help but be even more excited for the show that night than I was for the one Kyle and I attended the night before. This had been the show we planned on going to for months. Therefore it only made sense to me that I would wear an even more spectacular (if that is possible to say) costume.

For the Haunted House Tour show I wore a clubwear ensemble from J Valentine’s 2012 collection. The outfit consisted of a light-up faux fur hat, light-up tutu, halter crop top, short-shorts, star legwarmers, light-up faux fur legwarmers, light-up faux fur gloves, and light-up faux fur vest.

JV Light Up Club Wear

At the show I stood out from the crowd with all my twinkling blue lights. People would simply stop and stare, marveling at the way the lights would trace patterns as I twirled around to the music. What this outfit provided that the other didn’t was relief from the heat of dancing. The crop top and tutu never once made me feel overheated. Unfortunately I think I may jump around too much while I dance because I found the light-up pins on the faux fur legwarmers kept falling off throughout the night.

It was certainly hard to come back to reality on Sunday. The shows were over and it would be another few days before I could pull out my costumes to mix and match for Halloween, or so I thought. Unaware of what was going on back at home, I checked the status of my flight which was set for Monday afternoon. Now I’m sure most of you know where I am going with this next. Sandy got me stranded. At least I can say I was safe from the storm and I was able to have a terrific experience in Chicago even if I did have to spend Halloween day on a bus for 18 hours because no flights were going into New York. Lucky for me the event I planned on attending Halloween night was pushed back to this Saturday. Time to pull out the third and final J Valentine costume and dance the night away!

Product Descriptions

(Editors note: Descriptions provided by J Valentine)

Husky Costume The Husky:
CS105 Corset, Skirt and Harness with Leash
Side-zipper corset, skirt with attached tail and harness with clip-on leash. Faux Leather and Faux Fur. S,M,L,XL.
CS106 Husky Hood
Attached shoulder harness. Faux Fur and Faux Leather. One Size.
CS107 Claw Legwarmers
Attached claws and extra wide elastic for fit. Faux Fur. One Size.
CS108 Claw Gloves
Attached claws, fully lined. Faux Fur and Cuddle. One Size.

All Items Made in USA

JV Clubwear 2012Light-Up Clubwear:
CL101 Light-up Faux Fur Hat
Shown in Midnight Star. One Size.
CL102MS Skirt & Top Set
Shown in Midnight Star. S,M,L.
CL103MS Faux Fur Legwarmers
Shown in Midnight Star. One Size.
CL104 Light-Up Gloves
Shown in Midnight Star. One Size.
CL106 Net Leggings
Shown in Black Star. One Size.
CL107 Shorts
Shown in Black Galactic. S,M,L.

All Items Made in USA

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