Organizing and Storing Your Lingerie with Eucalan

Organizing and Storing Your Lingerie with Eucalan

“Organizing and taming the chaos in our lives has never been more popular. Keeping our most cherished pieces tidy is always a good thing.” —Jennifer Edgar, CEO

F ans of Marie Kondo’s series who tuned in on Netflix this season were treated to some tips on storing lingerie. The brief segment showed four bras beautifully arranged in a drawer. However, that can be an unrealistic goal for you—most women probably have a bra collection that is much larger, and available space that is much smaller.

You can achieve a beautifully organized underwear drawer with some careful sorting and a proper washing. We turned to Eucalan delicate wash for a little inspiration and their best tips for a lingerie collection that sparks joy.

Organizing and Storing Your Lingerie with Eucalan

“Washing our delicates in a gentle cleanser is the best step we can take,” says Eucalan’s CEO, Jennifer Edgar. “Removing any perfumes, lotions and body oils helps keep the finest fibers like new so they will last a lifetime!”


Start by gathering up all your lingerie and piling it on your bed. Sort the big pile into four categories: Everyday favorites, Special occasion, donate and toss.

While your drawers are empty, give them a good cleaning. Vacuum out the corners and wipe down the surfaces. Replace old drawer liners with fresh, new fabric or paper. Pick up drawer dividers and boxes if you don’t have them already—they will help you stay organized.

Wash Before You Store

Organizing and Storing Your Lingerie with Eucalan

Be sure each piece is fresh and clean before you put it away. Washing with Eucalan, a high-quality product made for delicate fabrics is the best way to preserve your fine lingerie.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the wash can be found on their website.

Organizing and Storing Your Lingerie with Eucalan
Eucalan is available in five subtle scents, which include Eucalyptus, Lavender, Grapefruit, Jasmine and Natural.

Fold With Care

Fold or roll your panties and stand them on end instead of stacking them. This allows you to see everything that’s available as soon as you open the drawer.

Bras deserve special care—fasten the clasps, fold the straps down, then stand them vertically, with each bra nestling into the next. Do not fold bras with molded cups to tuck one cup inside the other. When you invert the cups, you break down the shaping and shorten the life of your bra.

If you have space, keep special occasion lingerie separate. Chemises and teddies can be stored on hangers.

A few hours spent sorting and organizing your lingerie will pay big dividends. Not only will you extend the life of your delicate pieces, you’ll save time and aggravation when you get dressed every day.

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