Ownbrown Lingerie Styles Launched

Ownbrown Lingerie

“Ownbrown lingerie celebrates women aware of their sensuality.”

Nadine Ndjoko Peisker lawyer turned fashion designer is pivoting her already successful nude hosiery brand, Ownbrown, to also include lingerie in four different shades of brown adapted for darker skin tones.

The company decided to launch its lingerie collection during London Fashion Week at herRunway London Fashion Week Showcase 2018 at Aston Martin Mayfair, London. Ownbrown also sells nude tights to a global audience covering the UK, EU, USA and Africa.

Ownbrown Lingerie

Ivy Ekong, a fashion designer and owner of fashion boutique Ivy Ekong Fashion says “The lingerie Ownbrown has created is lovely. Especially the pants, they’ll become an essential to every girls’ wardrobes.”

To develop their own bras and panties, the company relied on the skills of a family run 100 year old company. Detail is at forefront of the Ownbrown Lingerie’s line.

Ownbrown Lingerie

“Ownbrown took the time necessary to design bras and panties with brown skin women’s sexy silhouettes in mind. Bras come either as underwired bras or triangle (aka bralette) bras. The panties are proposed either as a high waist brief or a thong.” said Nadine.

The four shades within the collection cater to a wide range of skin colors from the lightest shade Amani which could be described as cafe latte through to Bintu, a caramel shade, to Kimya, which is a milk chocolate, all the way to the darkest shade Yemoya.

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Contact: info@ownbrown.com
Website: ownbrown.com

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About Ownbrown

Ownbrown Lingerie is a fashion-inspired, alluring collection. The tulle fabric is the leader player of the line. Its lightness gives to women a recognizable feeling of immediacy, confidence and comfort. Ownbrown lingerie celebrates women aware of their sensuality.

Nadine, CEO of Ownbrown says “Ownbrown was born out of frustration back in 2015. I could not find skin coloured tights to wear to court, let alone skin coloured lingerie to wear under professional dresses or white shirts. As one of the few black female lawyers in Switzerland, I did not want to be seen for my body, nor show off my underwear in such an environment. I wanted to be seen as and treated as professional as my male and female counterparts. Having the right lingerie and hosiery helps you choose your perfect outfit for the day, which in turn helps you to start the day confidently and positively. I think freedom and confidence are beautiful presents and everyone deserves to feel that way.”

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