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Nearly Nude Book Box Packaging by Intimatology

Nearly Nude Book Box with Window and Magnetic Closure Designed and rendered by Intimatology.

“Packaging is more than just a box, it is part of the experience.” – Intimatology.

If you don’t believe Packaging is important to your lingerie business’ bottom line, consider this: Retail customers mull over an item an average of two seconds before moving on.

“If your product doesn’t announce its features or its unique nature any better than the next product, you’ll lose your chance to win over a new customer,” warn Erin and Rich Harris, founders of Intimatology. “Each brand has to set themselves apart or above their direct competition. Packaging and shelf appeal (digital or physical), goes a long way to doing this.”

They understand these important ideas because they’ve helped brands like Givenchy, Delta Galil, Curvy Couture and several more stand apart in a crowded marketplace.

To stay ahead of your competition, the Intimatology team suggests that your brand’s (or boutique’s) packaging communicate three important ideas: Branding, Purpose and Attraction.

Walmart Father’s Day Gift Box – Designed and rendered by Intimatology.


Quick Tip: Create a template!

In the ideal scenario, every brand has a style guide. A style guide is a set of standards for the writing, design and communication of a brand. Style guides can be quite comprehensive and expensive to produce, but if your resources are limited you can still create a template that contains the most important highlights like your logo and the brand colors and fonts you use.


Quick Tip: Nobody cares about your product, they care about what it can do for them.

Think about the problem your product solves. Make the purpose of your product clear and easy to understand. Your potential customer wants to know how, or if this product will benefit them and they want to know quick ( <2 seconds).


Quick Tip: You’re brand is not the main character of the story.

The purchaser is the protagonist in this story. Attract and compel them to your product by giving them what they want. Is this product for a man? Avoid using the color purple in your package design (most men dislike purple). Is the product a luxury item? Make sure you use multiple textures and finishes in your packaging design as it creates a higher perceived value.

Beyond the Box

Intimatology flexi wire

Collar Tag & Flexible Key Chain – Designed and rendered by Intimatology.

Customers’ interactions with packaging don’t end with the unboxing of intimates. The experience includes call-out tags, hang tags, labels, cartons, boxes, bags, hangers and cards.

“Anything attached to, beside or enclosed with the product. Thank you cards, cross-selling booklets, ribbons, bows or even tissue paper can all be deployed to improve conversions and increase the likelihood of repeat sales.”

These items establish or enhance brand awareness and help to accentuate the product or its features, situating them properly in relation to the shopper, describing value, introducing complimentary products and encouraging brand loyalty note Erin and Rich.

Intimatology Lemon Hangtag Rain

Lemon Hang Tags – Designed and rendered by Intimatology.

Digital Dressing

The Intimatology team encourages retailers and brands not to forget about their digital experiences.

“eCommerce packaging and ePackaging can also play a huge role in enhancing the shopping experience for the customer.”

eCommerce/ePackaging Quick Tip: Reinforce your brand.

Good packaging reinforces your brand, your positioning and your identity. Make sure your eComm packaging has the same impact as your retail packaging and that your logo is prominently displayed.

eCommerce/ePackaging Quick Tip: Make your packaging special.

Did you ever get a gift that someone didn’t have time to wrap vs. a gift that was wrapped beautifully? It matters. It’s the difference between an afterthought and something special. Show your customer their purchase is appreciated.

eCommerce/ePackaging Quick Tip: Make it easy.

Is your packaging easy to open? How about easy to return? And how easy is it to make a repeat purchase? Make sure to include things like a return form, an incentive to purchase again or a thank you card. It shows you understand your customers’ needs and are happy to help them in any way you can.

Intimatology Reaction Tank

Frosted PVC Box – Designed and rendered by Intimatology.

How Intimatology Can Help

If your company (brand or boutique) recognizes the need to improve its packaging, Erin and Rich are ready to help.

Intimatology starts the process by identifying goals and looking at a company’s full line of products.

“We examine what’s working and what isn’t,” says Erin. “ In some cases, we have streamlined packaging programs from as many as 25 die lines to as few as six, which can save a lot of money in production (and a lot of trees).”

After initial designs, Intimatology create renderings, interactive models and mock-ups to help identify flaws, showcase the appearance in various venues and get feedback from audiences.

“With a dynamic model, carefully considered design and a deep understanding of the brand identity, we create the mechanicals required to begin production,” said Erin.

The Intimatology team can also help with sourcing, assist in sending or advising packing techniques and approving samples to ensure a cohesive message.

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