Pampour Couture Nightwear

Pampour Couture Nightwear

“I want each person that wears my designs to feel and look beautiful”- Vanessa Martin

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

Fascinated by the exquisite apparel and fabrics that she encountered on her travels to Europe, Vanessa Martin submitted to her desire to bring similar products to her domestic market. In 2004 she started her brand, Pampour, to fulfill this mission.

“The essence of the Pampour brand is luxury, femininity, and beauty using luxurious fabrics and trims from France and Italy in minimalist designed sleepwear & lingerie for the modern woman,” Vanessa told TLJ. “Pampour is about using the best European quality fabrics and trims in timeless nightwear pieces designed and made in America for the modern woman who values femininity, luxury, and beauty.”

Her love of fine lingerie products started in her teens and has moved Vanessa in the inevitable direction of wanting to share this passion with like-minded women through Pampour.

“The brand is inspired by a beautiful lace and silk 1940’s nightgown that my grandmother gave to me when I was about 16 years old,” Vanessa recalled. “It was a champagne colored silk with ecru colored lace. It was fitted and sleek and it made me feel so beautiful when I would put it on.”

Pampour Couture Nightwear

Today, Vanessa sources deluxe fabrics from international merchants, including France, Italy, Switzerland and England and employs them to manufacture high quality nightwear in New York, the realization of her dream. Pampour offers beautiful, sophisticated and comfortable pajamas, nightgowns, robes and other nightwear pieces, intended to elegantly envelope the discerning woman, satisfying her need to sleep and lounge in effortlessly tasteful apparel.

Vanessa imagines and designs Pampour under two main themes – color and lace.

“I am inspired by beautiful laces, fabrics, and color. Each season, I seek the most beautiful and soft laces that are in the market and the most beautiful colors and fabrics,” she explained.
Her philosophy is that lace and color can go a long way in affecting a woman’s mood and she strives to make these two factors combine in perfect harmony in her nightwear.

Pampour FW16 continues the European inspired styling and fabrication that is now the hallmark of the brand and Vanessa shared what to expect from this collection.

“The key shapes for Fall 16 are softly structured chemises and camisoles paired with French shorts and long sleep pants made of 100% silk charmeuse and luxury laces from France,” she told TLJ. “I am also using a luxury velvet that is a blend primarily of silk that is embroidered in France on antique machines and made in batches of only 15 meters at a time.”

But with such elegant but easy to wear pieces comes the possibility of transitioning their usage based on place, time and need. When asked about the versatility of the collection, Vanessa confirmed that she has created adaptable pieces so the wearer can optimize wearing the Pampour brand.

Pampour Couture Nightwear

“My pieces are each made so that they can be worn in or out of the home,” she said. “Each piece, whether it is a camisole, shorts, pants or a chemise, can be worn at home for a special night or every night sleeping or lounging [and] will make [the wearer] feel very sensual and beautiful.

“The camisoles are great paired with your favorite jeans or worn as an evening wear top to a special event. The Black Delicate Lace Cami is great with our Crimson French Velvet pant and the Chocolate Cami and Pant are great paired together for evening wear and for lounging or sleeping at home.”

Yet, even though she desires that women appreciate the styles and fabrics that she has selected in creating her designs, what’s most important overall to Vanessa is how her products make women respond when they put them on.

“Whether my designs are worn at home or as evening or daywear, I want each person that wears my designs to feel and look beautiful,” she acknowledged. “I want them to appreciate quality and how quality garments can help to make us feel better about life in general.”

And who wouldn’t feel just gorgeous in lush lace and mood enhancing silk?

With over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry, Vanessa purposes to give only the best customer experiences and the highest quality of night and lounge garments to her clientele to make them feel exceptional. She prides herself on the couture/heirloom quality of her merchandise and has dedicated her efforts to constantly bringing a fresh and updated assortment of garments to make women feel pampered and that each night is a special occasion when wearing Pampour pieces.

Pampour Couture Nightwear

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