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Everyday, we’re impressed by the women behind our favorite brands and the newcomers making their way into the industry. Innovation, creativity and determination are the common threads we see in inspirational entrepreneurs like Crystal Etienne.

In just a few weeks, Crystal is launching her new intimates brand, PantyProp. The undies are designed to help eliminate embarrassing panty malfunctions during that time of the month by keeping a panty liner or pad in place. Slated to launch this November, the Nylon-Spandex skivvies will be available in Bikini or Hipster styles for $28.50 – $32.50. Savvy consumers can snag a preorder discount by buying before the launch.


“The design holds, and properly tucks the pad in place, preventing pad displacement.”

The brand has already garnered mainstream consumer attention and interest. Most recently, PantyProp was featured on and named, as a “Genius New Period Underwear Will Save You From Unfortunate Maxi-Pad Fails.”

Today, Crystal sits down with the Lingerie Journal team to give us more insights into PantyProp, how she started her entrepreneurial journey and what to expect in the next few weeks.

Q&A with PantyProp founder, Crystal Etienne

PantyProp founder, Crystal Etienne

Crystal, would you tell our readers what PantyProp is all about? How do the panties work?

PantyProp is a patented lifestyle lingerie brand that secures a sanitary pad, prevents pad displacement, and conceals the wear of a sanitary napkin from being seen. Our core focus is the everyday active female who gets periods monthly and women who experience inconsistent bladder leakage requiring the use of a maxi-pad in an undergarment.

The function of the panties are a simple three second “Pop It In and Go!” feature. The two layer dri-tech crotch area is designed to simply pop a sanitary pad inside the hole. The design holds, and properly tucks the pad in place, preventing pad displacement.

Currently, our sexy and cute styles are our Propkini and Propster. The Propkini is a classic style bikini panty and the Propster is a hipster style design. The Propstring will debut in December, which will be a string bikini style. Our full line will consist of a range of undergarments such as hosiery and bodysuits. These two categories will be available in February 2016.

There are a few brands out there in the “leakproof underwear” category, how does PantyProp stand apart?

We are completely novel in our lifestyle lingerie category. PantyProp does not claim “leakproof”, we are not a sanitary paper company. We are a lifestyle lingerie brand which prevents sanitary paper displacement. There are many companies in the last 10 years who are racing to be the next Kimberly and Clark or Proctor and Gamble. We are simply an accessory to this $13 billion dollar industry.

PantyProp Pale Blue PantyProp Pink

PantyProp Deep Blue PantyProp Chocolate

In 2016, Crystal plans on adding a range of undergarments like hosiery and bodysuits to the PantyProp collection.

Why was it important to focus on creating a panty that can accommodate an insert versus a panty that incorporates a protective insert or material?

COMFORT! & CONVENIENCE From our research we learned that many females use pads during there cycle or leakage. Even females who use a tampon or diva cup during the day, at night for bed they stick on a maxi pad in their underwear. So many companies missed this entire group of ladies. PantyProp has embraced this group.

We’re interested in the story behind the brand name as well. Could you tell us why “PantyProp”? Tell us about the logo as well, what story does the logo tell?

Our logo represents the shape of a normal pad interlocked. That is the basis of PantyProp. Our functional panties lock in your pad to keep you comfortable and feeling soft — that is the premise behind the colors of our logo.

The brand name for PantyProp took a (very long) month to decide on. I was completely stuck and could not think of a brand name. I used my sister as a reviewer because she is very honest. I must had sent her over 200 names and she replied, “NO.” “Absolutely Not!” “Are you Crazy!?” Then, one day, I was driving my son to football and he was slouching in the backseat. I told him to “prop up”. Immediately I said, “PantyProp – Prop it in Properly.”

PantyProp White Lace PantyProp Leopard

PantyProp Neutral Lace PantyProp Black Lace

In addition, to basic colors, PantyProp offers a variety of lacey styles.

How do you feel consumers are going to react to PantyProp when it launches? What do you hope to expect?

Consumers are ready for a solution to a age-old issue. A female has her period or experiences leakage over five decades of her life, and has never had a regular normal sexy cute panty to support her sanitary pad. With a PantyProp, she can now feel cute and sexy while freely flowing, without anyone knowing she has leakage.

As a woman, I know how it feels during the time of the month to try to find something to wear comfortable or how embarrassing it is if you have to take your pants off in front of anyone while wearing a maxi-pad. The sticker is showing and you are hoping no one can see it through a great pair of legging or pant. So I expect that every female will feel like me — overjoyed that the problem has been solved.


Was there a definite “a-ha!” moment for you in which the idea for PantyProp crystalized in your mind? Or was it more of a development? Could you explain?

Yes, I had just gotten my cycle and was watching a morning talk show, as I looked down at my panties while laying on my bed I saw the white wings, I said there has to be a better way, it was NOT SEXY AT ALL. I looked online and found nothing that would work to conceal or hold my maxi in place. Thats when I realized I had to figure it out myself. I drew the picture on a paper, showed my husband — who thought I was absolutely funny, and the rest is history.

What’s your background in the lingerie and design worlds? Who else works with you on the PantyProp team?

In the past I owned and operated four mall-based lingerie boutiques. After closing the stores I started selling wholesale packs in 2005 from my small warehouse. In the last two years I started a lingerie delivery company (sort of like 1-800 flowers but for the lingerie industry) Passion Arrangements, and I also operate a very sexy panties website

PantyProp is my brand, this is my baby. I have nurtured and will continue to care for it under it matures fully.

What can expect to see for the launch of PantyProp in November?

The launch is going to be a very exciting time. I have had such great momentum and love for PantyProp from a slew of people. Once everyone finds out what it is they get excited. I’ve had a few females title me a genius. It feels good. I expect to keep the excitement stirring past the launch.

Where should we point our readers to if they want to learn more about PantyProp? What about retailers, how should they get in touch with you?

PantyProp will be sold wholesale/resale as well direct to consumers. For consumers they are encouraged to visit the website and Shop. Retailers can visit our Wholesale Inquiry Page, all resale accounts are responded to within hours.

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