Parfait Lingerie Intros Ivy Contour Bra

Parfait Lingerie Intros Ivy Contour Bra

Spring is upon us and flowers and pretty petals will soon be popping up everywhere, and in places other than the ground. On March 25, just a few days after the spring equinox, size-inclusive lingerie brand Parfait will release some new blooms of their own.

Two new pieces will be launching, the Ivy Contour Bra and High Waist Low Leg Panty. Offered in two color-ways, pearl white and dream blue, a pale shade, both with a floral pattern, these will surely be a hit amongst Parfait’s many fans.

The contour bra is composed of a super, soft microfiber and mesh construction for the cups. The combo of the two fabrics gives the underwire style some added texture and interest. With a more subtle, sophisticated approach, the floral accent is only a panel at the top of the bust. The cups themselves are lined but not heavily padded to keep the wearer’s natural shape. Under the cups, there is no fabric or ban so nothing will roll or cut into the torso and further reduces bulk. Similarly, the thin, smooth, straps also have a clean look and help to keep the bra fuss-free. All of these features create a garment that lies flat against your skin and won’t affect the clothes worn on top. This bra is one to wear all day with full support and no pain or discomfort.

Parfait Lingerie Intros Ivy Contour Bra

The bottom is equally as alluring. First, it hits a few popular trends. The higher rise has been fully embraced by women because of its full coverage and its ability to stay put while worn. The floral panel in front also gives off a retro look. The composition of using the pretty floral sketch print at just the front panel and waistband creates a color block pattern, which gives the panty a more refined look rather than an ultra-busy one. A small line of eyelet, adds some detail at the trim along the elastic at the leg. The lower leg cut aids in keeping the bottom in place, ideal when wearing during a long day. Mesh panels at either side of the panty offer breathability and airflow, which help make an everyday pair of underwear look and feel a bit more special. Composed of a similar micro fabric as the bra, the Ivy bottom completes this comfortable set.

The Ivy bra and panty ties nicely with the rest of Parfait’s spring and summer offerings. Additional flowery pieces, like the Jade, which has a black base with colorful blossoms, and lacy pieces with embossed flowers as seen with the Aubrey style, exemplify that there is not just one way to do florals for spring. As with all of Parfaits bras and underwear, the Ivy will be size inclusive and offered up to 44G for bras and a 4XL for bottoms.

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