Paysaber Pricing Drops Dramatically

Intimate Payments continues to focus on the needs of intimate retailers in all aspects of the business. This is evident in the variety of new products and service they have launched this year.

Most recently Intimate Payments has began offering the PaySaber, allowing users of the iPhone to accept credit cards and manage inventory right from their iPhone (or iPod Touch with WiFi access).

“The scope of this product goes well beyond the home party merchant as we first envisioned.” States Steve Kimberling, EVP of Sales for Intimate Payments.

“When we first launched the product we focused on the capabilities of home party reps to be able to process credit card transactions in real time, but we also found it to be very helpful for wholesale merchants at tradeshows and events.”

Kimberling explained the scenario in great detail… picture this… you are a distributor of intimate apparel (or any product for that matter) and are working your tradeshow booth. Instead of writing down your buyers order as you show them each piece you simply scan the bar code you created on the tag and enter the quantity and size.

At the end of the order it is automatically calculated and ready for payment. You swipe the client’s credit card through the same device which then produces a receipt once the transaction is approved. That same order is instantly available in the system back at your warehouse. Your staff can begin picking and shipping the order within moments.

If you have loaded your inventory into the system prior to the show you will also see quantities remaining as you are scanning individual items and know exactly what’s in the warehouse.

“Don’t get me wrong”, Kimberling warns, “These devices are still GREAT for home party folks, we have just seen additional opportunities to services our wholesale clients with the PaySaber as well” In an effort to make these devices even more affordable to merchants of all sizes Intimate Payments was able to negotiate a promotional price on a small number of units. “Due to our focus on this intimate space along with the PaySaber’s manufacturer, USA ePay, I have 100 units available at a price that is 74% off of normal retail. Get your snow for $179 before they are gone!”

Contact Steve Kimberling of Intimate Payments directly for more information – or 877-476-0570 For full features of the PaySaber, please visit

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