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Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell of is a great example of a intimate apparel professional excelling at Personal Branding. Seen above with the Elila team at CURVE.

by Joy Menon, founder of

We are all too familiar on the overall importance of marketing and branding for business, however one area that sometimes gets overlooked is how powerful our personal brand is. After all, people are eager to do business with individuals, not companies.

Personal branding is people marketing themselves as brands. We are all unique and our qualities, behavior and values are reflected in our business, creating a reputation and a connection that can add value or work against us.

Elisabeth Dale the Breast Life

Elisabeth Dale’s the Breast Life is also a great example of Personal Branding done right.

For example, I remember a time when I passed by a fashion boutique around noon and caught a glimpse of a disheveled employee smoking outside the storefront and then stepping inside in flip flops These tiny details communicated a sense of carelessness and unprofessionalism, which made me question the brand’s values. It’s that simple to turn a potential customer away.

So what areas need the upmost attention if we want to create the best impression in our personal branding?


Nothing communicates a company’s culture and value better than its main brand ambassadors. Your team’s overall appearance and behavior in and out of work is a reflection of your brand. A good combination of authenticity and professionalism can create that special unique quality customers will identify with.

Social Media

Your tone and behavior in social media sets you apart and plays a very important role in attracting customers and followers. Anything too personal that does not add value is unnecessary, so think before posting.


It’s vital to create content that is as genuine as possible to set yourself apart from the rest. Pay close attention to your tone and see if it resonates with your public. Assure that creative material used is professional and your own, avoiding stock photography. Stock photography can create a mechanical feel, which can put a damper on your personal brand and signature charm.


How promptly are you responding to emails, social media notifications and issues? How are you engaging with others and involving them in your brand’s lifestyle? Be consistent in all you do and stay true to your beliefs. These qualities will resonate with your followers and create a connection.

Be punctual and efficient and remember that delivering value as promised creates trust and elevates your personal brand.

How are you developing your personal brand and how has it helped you resonate with your customers and followers?

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