Pin Me Up: The Etched Woman (Lesson 5)

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5)

The Maya set in Quartz.

The story behind full bust lingerie brand “Etched Lingerie” is one that I could relate to right away.

Founded in New York City by Ellana Krechmaras, Etched was a passion project that began in 2011. For five years Ellana worked with a team of industry experts, skilled pattern makers and seamstresses to design her dream bra. A bra that would make the fuller bust woman feel, beautiful, supported and comfortable all day long.

In my own words, The Etched Woman can be described as: “Whimsical, ethereal, vintage inspired and strong”. This fashion story created in collaboration with Heidi Calvert Photography, was shot early morning at a local park in Beverly Hills. I really wanted to include flowers to create that beautiful ethereal feel that the brand evoked to me.

I am introducing one design in two contrasting colors from their very first collection, that was just released a couple of weeks ago.The Maya lingerie set in Onyx color and The Maya lingerie set in Quartz.

Picking an Etched bra

The first step to creating this visual story started with picking the right fit for both bras and matching high waist panties. When you head over to the brand’s website, there is a tab titled “Shop” where you get to select one of the two designs that are currently being offered.

You simply click on one of the photos from either The Maya in Onyx or Quartz and then select your size after reviewing it through the Size Guide.

I picked a size 34G for the bras and a size large for the panties, following the size guide.

I really appreciated the fact that the size guide was accurate and frankly these two bras are the ones that fit my body shape the best for everyday low key glam. I believe that it is due to the designs themselves, offering a thicker band, paired with classic high waist panties. I can’t help but feel extremely well supported and not insecure about my tummy area.

It is still hard for me to wear panties that go below the navel under a tight dress, as the lower part of my tummy is still pretty soft. So when I received the two lingerie sets from Etched, I felt like the fit was 100 percent perfect and you can clearly see that in the photos that we created with Heidi. Both lingerie sets offer perfect contouring and hug my curves in all the right spots.

My two new staples

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) The Maya set in Onyx.

I love that the whole brand is about creating two classic staples for the full-busted gals and that the construction of the bras truly is on point. The band doesn’t ever ride up and stays in place even after wearing the bra for a whole day like I did. There are tall side panels that offer further coverage and I must say I did feel fully supported and comfortable throughout the day.

I also adore the floral details that are made of a stretch lace all over the bra and give it that romantic feel that I love. The Maya bra in Onyx has a much darker feel due to the solid black color. And as a woman who loves her black lingerie, I completely embraced that style.

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) Close up of The Maya in Onyx

On the other hand, The Maya Bra in Quartz is such a pin up dream, as I love the colorway so much and it brings out a more romantic almost dream like side. I feel like the two unique designs of the collection can truly reflect the two personalities of one woman.

Sometimes I like wearing darker colors, especially in the evening. Maybe it’s the Parisian in me, but I am just drawn to them. During the daytime especially now that it is Spring in LA, I love wearing pastel dresses and accessorizing with lingerie that matches underneath. I have a thing for pink so the Maya Bra in Quartz fulfills that fantasy. For this set I used all pink accented accessories to complement it. I scored a vintage feather fan from Swift Vintage in Burbank that you can see in two of the shots by Heidi. And I also wore my Veronica Robe from independent British lingerie designer, My Retro Closet and my new black and pink Springolators by Spanish brand, Long Gone Shoes. I wanted the accessories to complement this dream look but not overpower it.

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5)

“Whimsical, ethereal, vintage inspired and strong.”

One of the features that I love for both bras are the “Plus straps” and how they help create that sweetheart neckline that fits my bust so well. Even with my dresses, the sweetheart neckline is what I mostly wear, because that’s what looks best on my shape. Sometimes I also love wearing a sheer top, especially if I wear beautifully made lingerie. The Etched lingerie is so well made that the full-busted gals will want to reveal it with pride when wearing it. I’m already looking forward to styling my Onyx bra with a sheer blouse during my upcoming trip in Paris next month as this is my new favorite basic black bra.

To complete the look I will be sure to wear the matching high waist panties, that offer a slight tummy control. I was really thrilled about that, as I still don’t wear body shapewear underneath my outfits.

Feel Empowered

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) This shot was a tribute to Black burlesque dancer Miss Topsy.

I would like to confess that for the longest time I felt a certain shame with the fact that I had gained a few more cup sizes in the bust. Growing up I was always the girl with the biggest breasts and that forced me to be really protective of my femininity. At 9 years old while other girls were still busy being girls, well I was already turning into a woman. Our society does a really great job at shaming women who are too voluptuous or too confident to show their curves.

We all remember that article in Vogue Magazine that stated that cleavage was out of style.
I think every size should be celebrated and designer Ellana Krechmaras sure knows how to make the Etched Woman feel special and celebrated. And remember that confidence is always you 100 percent.

Pin Me Up : The Etched Woman (Lesson 5) The Maya set in Quartz.

- Photos by Heidi Calvert Photography
- Styling by Ooh La La PR

*Get the looks here:
- Presented here are The Maya Onyx set and The Maya Quartz set from Etched Lingerie
- Pink Robe is the Veronica by My Retro Closet.
- Sheer Cape from Glitter and The Moon.
- Black Springolators by Long Gone Shoes.
- Vintage feather fan from Swift Vintage in Burbank.

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