Pin Me Up: Lingerie that evokes the world of stage and Old-Hollywood (Lesson 6)

Photos by Jason Kamimura - Heidi Calvert - Erika Nelly

When I model, I often feel like the process of collaborating and endorsing a variety of brands tends to overshadow the Artist in me. It is great to be reminded that I have a full background and education in performing arts, except for dancing :)))

So, when I put on lingerie for me it’s almost like wearing a costume and my imagination can run wild. It’s with that spirit that my sixth column on the Lingerie Journal focuses on this theme: Lingerie that evokes the world of stage and Old-Hollywood movies.

For this Pin Me Up, I wanted to take my time to do these photoshoots with some wonderful photographers. Shout out to Heidi Calvert, Jason Kamimura and Erika Nelly, that I have known and collaborated with for a while now.

Lingerie by Fraulein Annie: Photo by Heidi Calvert/Mua Natasha Marcelina.

“The fit of this set is pure fire.”

The first lingerie set was designed by Fraulein Annie and includes the fuller bust bra in Chesnut/Black and matching briefs. It is a non padded bra and starts at a size 32D and goes up to a size 38G.I wear a 38FF and an XL for the panties. The fit of this set is pure fire.

I can’t stress enough that I am in love with both the unique color of this set that complements my skin tone, but also with the craftsmanship. This set is extremely well-made and one of my most coveted ones. To me this is a classic set that I hope to wear for a very long time. Not only do I feel supported, but it is a sturdy and high quality product. The cost for the set is also justified given the fact that it is made by an independent designer. (64.95 Euros= $71.28 for the bra and 39.95 Euros= $43.85 for the briefs, plus shipping)

I know this is still a budget for a lot of us, but at some point you have take a stand and decide to maybe buy less and collect pieces that you know you will be able to rock for years. It also feels great to support a small independent designer, especially a woman. I gave an interview years ago on NPR about Slow fashion and why it is great to buy vintage and this is why I wanted to collaborate with Fraulein Annie. She is a perfect example of what this is all about, as her designs are vintage inspired and I am proud to feature her brand on my column.

For this look I also added stockings I had from Hips and Curves, my go to Cervin Paris sheer black gloves. I also wore my vintage baby sequin beret and a vintage cropped jacket I found at a thrift store. My friend Natasha Marcelina did my vampy makeup and Heidi Calvert captured the look. I immediately thought this looks like Catherine Zeta Jones in the movie Chicago.

And this is why this set was so perfect to hommage this classic old-hollywood inspired musical.

Lingerie by Fraulein Annie: Photo of me by Heidi Calvert wearing (2017) vs Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie Chicago (circa 2002).

Get the look here:

The second lingerie set is a mix and match of my Scantilly/Curvy Kate Showtime, paired with a Tuxedo Bodysuit from Scantilly/Curvy Kate to emulate that Liza Minnelli look from the movie Cabaret. I finished this look by adding my Cervin Paris sheer gloves and a pair of black stockings. I feel it wouldn’t be Cabaret without them!

Lingerie set by Scantilly. Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

This is probably my favorite look out of the three, as I feel it is so spot on and truly evokes the movie Cabaret starring Liza Minnelli. I was talking earlier about my frustration sometimes of endorsing too many brands and feeling lost in the process. Creating this look is a testimony to myself that I haven’t lost my artist voice and I know my classics.

This look came to me one evening at home, I was styling the bra and suddenly realized the obvious reference to that musical. I love musicals, especially the ones showcasing strong women, who have style and poise. We did the shoot at a theater near Los Angeles, which felt like the perfect set for that look.

Me photographed by Jason Kamimura wearing Dear Scantilly (2017) vs Liza Minnelli in Cabaret (Circa 1972).

This look is super comfortable and really fun to rock! The bra was a bit tight around the band and the size I was wearing was a 34GG. At $80 the bra, I would suggest figuring out what size will work best for you, as sizing is different from one model to another. Scantilly/Curvy Kate is hands down my favorite bra company because of how creative and inclusive they are in their campaigns and designs. The Scantily/Curvy Kate Tuxedo Bodysuit was a must have to hommage Liza Minnelli’s look. I love this so much, I had to request this one to complete my look as part of my collaboration with the brand. The great news is that they now ship to the U.S, so everyone will be able to get some of their wonderful designs.

Wearing Dear Scantilly Lingerie set paired with a vintage tuxedo Jacket and Top hat. Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

Get this whole look here:

The Showtime bra from Scantilly/Curvy Kate:

Scantilly by Curvy Kate Tuxedo Bodysuit:

Introducing the Dahlia Long Night Gown and The Dita Von Teese Déshabillé Loungewear Noir from (Photo by Erika Nelly) On the right hand is Jane Greer Old-Hollywood actress.

Last but not least is this Old-Hollywood look inspired by Film noir actress Jane Greer.

I had her picture on my Pinterest board forever. I teamed up with, the lingerie e-shop that you need to know about if you are looking for “ French Lingerie Glamour. “ This website offers higher end lingerie brands available to ship in 40 different countries worldwide.

They sponsored me this wonderful Lingerie set from the Dita Von Teese Collection and helped me create that luxurious Old-Hollywood inspired look that is full bust friendly.

I wore the Dita Von Teese Dahlia Long Night Gown in a size XL paired with The Dita Von Teese Déshabillé Loungewear Noir also in a size XL. That’s the biggest size offered by the brand, so I was grateful to be able to fit into it.

For this look I was invited by British actress and friend, Annette Kellow to shoot in the hallways of her Old-Hollywood apartment. This was honestly one of the best locations I was ever invited to shoot at. The walls were pink, the floors had this gorgeous blue carpet. The whole location dated from the 1920s and looked like the perfect Dollhouse.

Pin Me Up: Lingerie that evokes the world of stage and Old-Hollywood (Lesson 6)

The whole ensemble was a pretty perfect fit. I felt like an Old-Hollywood movie star, because of how glamorous this look was. Both the Dahlia Long Night Gown (191.58 Euros= $210.69+Shipping) and the Déshabillé Loungewear Noir are available at (208.33 Euros = $228.84+ Shipping.)

This is quite out of budget for most of us, but what a breathtaking lingerie set that truly evokes Old-Hollywood. I have been wearing that robe around the house since shooting in it and it doesn’t rip, even with my cat around. I love it so much because it is well-made, the over dramatic sleeves give me life and the robe hugs my curves in all the right places. I am also fond of the length and I feel this is the one piece to own from The Dita Von Teese Loungewear collection.

Photo by Erika Nelly. Location Annette Kellow.

Get the look here:

The Dahlia Long Night Gown:

The Dita Von Teese Déshabillé Loungewear Noir:

Make up by Beauty Is Life:

Photo by Erika Nelly. Location Annette Kellow.

Bonus look is this Vintage Dusky Pink Olga Nightgown from the 1970s shot on location at this real life Dollhouse 1920s Old-Hollywood building. We paid an homage to Dorothy Dandridge. Photo by Erika Nelly - Location Annette Kellow.

Thank you for reading and remember to always Own who you are and that confidence is You 100 percent.

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