Pin Me Up : La Vie de Chateau in Layneau (Lesson 8)

Wearing The Layneau Bed Jacket paired with The Plum Leonie Gown from Kiss Me Deadly available through Hepburn and Leigh & The Golden Age Lulu Gold heels.
Location: Privately owned château Les Moyeux.

The Countess

I recently took a trip to my native Paris and had the pleasure of shooting this regal editorial in collaboration with the high end boudoir wear label Layneau, founded by Portland based designer Kaaren Bedi. The label itself is named after Lindsay “Layneau” Boudreaux, an up-start French immigrant credited as the first professional lingerie designer in America.” as mentioned by Luis Paredes on The Lingerie Journal article dedicated to the designer. I always seem to feel the most inspiration from brands that evoke French royalty. Layneau’s beautiful silk, velvet and lace designs have that regal and sophisticated quality that I live for.

I grew up near the Versailles area where I studied at Lycée Hoche and was surrounded by places of history such as the world famous Versailles Castle. I know it sounds like a dream life, and when I look back I have the greatest appreciation for the type of education I was given by my mum and the places where I spent my childhood and teenage years. The royal aesthetic is something that I have always been drawn to since I was a little girl. What I love about Layneau’s designs is that they can be worn both as luxury indoor pieces, as well as outerwear styles. They have a vintage aesthetic that will make every gal stand out for a poised and natural elegance.

Photo taken in the study of Monsieur Nicolas Galazommatis owner of the château Les Moyeux.

At first I didn’t know if I would be able to give the interpretation that these luxury designs deserve as I have never worn a bed jacket in my life, as well as teal silk pajamas as outerwear pieces. There was a challenge for me to make these pieces my own and include them in a way that wouldn’t look too costumey. I also wanted to show that as a full figured woman of color these styles can still look great on me. They really made me feel at one with my French upbringing.

The first look included the luxurious black velvet Contessa bed jacket with a stunning silk purple lining. This jacket feels extremely luxurious and I can’t get over the detail of the collar that gives it that theatrical Victorian/Medieval inspired look. I also love the oversized sleeves as I didn’t feel restricted while wearing the bed jacket at any stage. My favorite part is the purple silk lining described as a “Silk Cocoon “ by Kaaren herself.

The Contessa velvet bed jacket retails for $650 which places Layneau in a much higher end category than most brands I have reviewed on Pin Me Up so far. Just Like Harlow & Fox, you can recognize a Layneau design by it’s distinctive look and style. I decided to pair the bed jacket with the Plum Leonie Gown from Kiss Me Deadly available through Hepburn and Leigh & my Golden Age Lulu Gold heels. I am always drawn to jewel tones, so having the lining of the bed jacket perfectly complement the purple of the gown I wore, was an aesthetically pleasing moment for me.

Shot outside of the indoor pool area from the Privately owned château Les Moyeux.
Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

I really felt regal wearing this whole look and absolutely transported into a different era.
As a vintage voyager, it was enlightened to wear such exquisite pieces that made me feel like the lady of the manor. When you think about the expression “La Vie De Chateau” it evokes a certain easiness to live a luxurious life without showing too much effort. I wanted to share that my life as shared on my social media is often perceived as “The perfect life” . I choose to share the end result of my collaborations with brands and my photoshoots. I feel blessed by the opportunities and collaborations that I am able to share on my column and on my social media handles. And I am also absolutely aware of the value of the work and dedication it takes to do what Kaaren Bedi does for her luxury label Layneau. We both work very hard to achieve our vision and I believe this is why I could relate to her designs and her story so much. I understand that it often takes weeks to complete one of her designs and so do most of my collaborations with brands. So the Layneau label embodies the essence of slow-fashion.

Horizontal shot of the door leading to an indoor pool inside the Privately owned château Les Moyeux.
Shot by Jason Kamimura Photography.

When I look at the visual story we put together with Jason Kamimura Photography, to stage the Layneau designs, I feel as if a new persona was born. This whole look can easily be worn to attend the opera or for a special night out on the town. I didn’t feel restricted in any of the garments I wore and I felt extra glamorous. It took a few days of research to find the perfect location to shoot that first Layneau look.
I would like to say a special thank you to Brigitte and Nicolas Galazommatis who hosted my husband and I inside their home and allowed us to create this Editorial.

Retro It Girl

Wearing Layneau teal blue silk pajamas paired with my Chanel purse and Prada Sunglasses and custom earrings by Insect Diva.

For this second look, I wanted to ensure continuity within the Editorial.
We ended up shooting the Silk Pajamas in the city of Los Angeles where we are based with my husband. And we chose a part of town that has a lot of 1920s French inspired castle like apartment buildings.

I must admit, at first when Kaaren told me that she wanted me to shoot this luscious lounge set I didn’t know how to handle it. I never wear luxury pajamas, let alone with a hoodie and black lace on them. It took me a minute to understand and appreciate the design I was wearing.
Let me tell you this, if you have never worn silk pajamas as outerwear you are missing out.
This set felt luxurious, stylish and soft on my skin. The minute I added my own spin to that outfit I felt right at home. The color and execution of both pieces are out of this world. The hoodie sells for $795 and the pants are worth $700. They are made to order and available in turquoise, butter yellow and pink. Custom colors are also available, which is a major plus.
Both are available through Stanley Korshak Bridal (Dallas, TX), Thornbury Brides (New Bern, NC), Kaja Couture Boutique (PA) and

The hoodie (and all of the Layneau pieces) are silk and leavers lace and the quality reflects accordingly.

The hoodie is really meant as a lounge piece- but I do sleep in them when I travel says Kaaren Bedhi. The designer also mentioned to me that lots of her clients wear them out in the evening or to brunch.

In the Editorial I really wanted to show how stylish and amazing this set was. I totally felt like an “It Girl” wearing them out and about in Los Angeles, as we were taking photos for my column. I would like to add that this lounge set really embodies the freedom that I feel living in Los Angeles. Here you can wear whatever you want and your differences are embraced. From the French inspired royal fashion to the LA It girl, Layneau creates luxury designs that evoke both sides of the pond.

Thank you for reading and remember to always own who you are and follow your dreams no matter what others might say.

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