Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

Photos by Jason Kamimura Photography.

Story by Jenny Rieu

A native from Paris, France Jenny Rieu is a Curve model with a passion for retro and beautiful lingerie. Through her social media handles & website, Jenny has been building up an organic following of over 80,000 followers who follow her adventures as a modern pin-up and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles.

We just started the new year and we are all hopeful for a better year and a new self.

As for me I am really looking forward to reaching new heights as far as my goals and my personal life. Last year was a journey of self discovery through my work with a variety of lingerie brands that cater to full bust and petite plus size ladies like me. It was also the year I discovered Harlow and Fox, created by Independent and Fierce designer Leanna Williams back in 2011.

Last year we collaborated together on a lookbook that reviewed a lot of her lavish designs and I feel so grateful to have been chosen to wear so many stunning sets.

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

This year I wanted to start the year with a bang and that’s why I reached out to her to model “The Viola Jet” set. It includes three designs: The Viola Kimono Jet that is made of French lace and delicate sheer golden tulle that almost looks like cream on my golden skin, The Viola Jet Longline Bra and The Viola Jet Thong.

What I love about Leanna’s lingerie is that it always makes me feels like a true Queen. Often times when looking for lingerie that fits me I find that the execution, choice of fabrics and style don’t match my ideal. I have always loved Silks, French lace and even Velvet. Those are my top three favorite luxury materials when I look for lingerie and even outerwear.

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

Harlow and Fox takes you to the next level and makes you feel like you should be sipping champagne all day long in your Marie-Antoinette inspired couch, actually I’ve done that. Or simply admire the view from the fire escape of your 1920s 14th story building overlooking the Hollywood Hills like I did during the course of this photoshoot with my husband Jason Kamimura Photography.

Every time I wear a Harlow and Fox design it feels like second skin and I feel like an opulent queen.

We are always told as women to settle for less and I never understood that. I love luxury and I love the fact that I am a Curve model rocking couture designs that are sourced all over Europe and made with love in Great Britain by a designer who truly cares. I treasure all my pieces from Harlow and Fox and I see them as part of my journey as I rediscover my femininity and reach new heights in my life. When I wear a Harlow and Fox design I feel transported and I love every single piece from the Violet Jet set.

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

Starting with The Viola Jet robe that gently reveals my bronze skin underneath. I love the dramatic wide sleeves adorned with black French Eyelash Lace and I love that they are so reminiscent of Old Hollywood silent movie stars such as Louise Brooks. For this particular shoot I didn’t want to completely emulate that look and I went for a modern setting as I love playing with contrasts too.
I love that these photos show me as I am today in the city that I chose to live in six years ago. I am owning who I am at this very moment and wearing gloriously spectacular lingerie while striking sensual poses on a fire escape overlooking the City of Angels.

The Viola Jet robe closes with a black silk binding and a wide silk sash revealing the sultry lingerie set underneath it. This design is soft and spectacular at the same time, as you truly feel like you make an entrance when you wear it.

The Viola Jet Longline bra is made of delicate jet black lace and I am wearing a size 36FF.

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

This bra has become my new favorite and I am already planning on wearing it as a bustier with a black pencil skirt and a sheer blouse to reveal the beautiful lace work on the cups of the bra.

Something I have learned from Dita Von Teese is that lingerie is meant to worn outside and seen.

Ideally I would walk around in pretty lavish undergarment all the time, but I like to choose the occasions to wear my lingerie outside. The Viola Jet Longline bra is the perfect new addition to my vintage inspired collection of underwear. I am already dreaming of going back to my native Paris in a few months and wearing this bra as part of a sultry all noir look by The Seine.
This is what I love the most about this lingerie is that it actually triggers the fantasy to be the femme fatale you forgot you were. Thankfully through my work as a Curve model I am reminded of this almost everyday.

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

Last but not least, is The Viola Jet Thong made of black silk, black lace and diamanté pearl ornament as the final glamorous touch. I must admit I am not a big fan of thongs at all. Growing up I wore them a lot but I was four sizes smaller than I am today. Currently I am in between a size 12 and 14. Like most women there are certain parts of my body that I choose not to show.
My belly is a part that I still work on and I still have a lot of insecurities about it.

I recently posted a body positive video on my Instagram and I got picked on by some trolls who thought I was not trying hard enough to lose weight or tone up. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I work out, I eat clean, and yet I still have a belly. So wearing this thong was a little intimidating for me as it is not high waist. Ideally, high waist is my preference but Harlow and Fox designs couture garments that are meant to reveal the woman’s body. As I looked at the pictures from my session today, I am pleased because they show me as I am today.

Pin Me Up - Reaching new Heights (Lesson 2)

I strongly recommend any woman in search of lingerie that makes a bold statement and makes you feel like a queen to head over to Harlow and Fox’s website now You will not regret it. Whether you are getting married, doing a boudoir shoot or simply treating yourself to a new lingerie set, you will find something lavish and goddess worthy.

Thank you for reading and see you next time for Lesson 3!

Get this look here:

The Viola Jet Kimono:
The Viola Jet Longline Bra:
The Viola Jet Thong:

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