PLAY OUT Underwear PRIDE SS18 Campaign Released

PLAY OUT Underwear PRIDE SS18 Campaign

Gender-less underwear brand PLAY OUT continues to challenge gender norms and push design boundaries in a collaboration with tattoo artist Zoe Bean for their PRIDE Summer 2018 campaign. As a gender non-conforming, lesbian-owned brand, Play Out Underwear celebrates and embodies gay pride.

Positioned at the intersection of the current discussion surrounding fashion, gender and identity, the collaboration offers three one-of-a-kind original designs available on the brand’s signature boxer briefs, trunks, bikinis and thongs. The campaign features a powerful body- and identity-positive photo series for LGBTQ+ Pride with androgynous model Mack Dihle, queer comedian Tamale Sepp, and gender-nonconforming educator and speaker Hannah Fons.

PLAY OUT Underwear PRIDE SS18 Mack Dihle, Tamale Sepp and Hannah Fons. Photo by Eric Jukelevics

According to GLAAD’S Accelerating Acceptance Poll 2017 (conducted in conjunction with Harris Polls), 20% of Millenials identify as LGBTQ+; and 12% identify as transgender. Looking towards the future, members of Generation Z are more likely than other generations to know people who are or to identify themselves as LGBTQ or transgender/gender nonconforming.

Play Out Zoe Bean Products. Photo by Eric Jukelevics

Wearing the special edition PLAY OUT / ZOE BEAN underwear, Mack, Tamale and Hannah appear topless with black tape “X’s” covering their nipples, challenging the social expectations of male-presenting models allowed to show their nipples and female-presenting models forced to cover up. The photos force the viewer to review their understanding of gender presentation and expectation, and set aside the gender identities of the models to accept them for their individuality and authenticity. PLAY OUT asks why it matters how a person identifies; everyone should be comfortable and celebrated in their own skin.

PLAY OUT Underwear PRIDE SS18 Mack Dihle, Tamale Sepp and Hannah Fons. Photo by Eric Jukelevics
As a core mission since the brand’s debut in 2014, PLAY OUT wishes to push the boundaries and continue the conversation on gender norms as relevant to everyone, not just the LGBTQ+ community. This mission is furthered by their collaboration with Zoe Bean Tattoo. By offering limited-edition designs and supporting a working artist, PLAY OUT asks all people to support art, indie fashion and alternative style.

Learn About (and shop) the PLAY OUT Underwear PRIDE SS18 collection

The photo campaign features PLAY OUT’S Summer 2018 special collection with Zoe Bean available in Boxer Brief ($32.00), Trunk ($36.00), Bikini ($30.00), Pouch Bikini ($32.00) and Thong ($25.00) styles online at

PLAY OUT Underwear PRIDE SS18 Campaign Credits

SS18 campaign images by Eric Jukelevics
Print designs by Zoe Bean Tattoo (

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