Power of Lace: Polyanthus

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

“…I have never encountered bathing suits with such a bold, unique palette ever before.”

Story and Photos by Katrina Eugenia Lingerie courtesy of A.Che Swimwear

In the language of flowers, it is the colorful Polyanthus that symbolizes confidence. At the sight of the flower, it’s meaning is understood given their loud, popping, ultra rich appearance that makes the flowers resemble some type of a star burst. The bright Polyanthus reminds me of A.Che swimwear as I have never encountered bathing suits with such a bold, unique palette ever before.

Power of Lace: Polyanthus

Composed of a silky luxury fabric and decorated with delicate pleats, the Zella Demi bra two piece is a must have; available in what ever color suits your fancy. I personally was taken by the Peridot green. I am not commonly drawn to green when it comes to swimwear, but A.Che captured the natural beauty of one of the world’s rarest gem stones (Peridot) perfectly and I was eager to sport the unique shade of mother nature’s favorite color. Peridot happens to be one of the few gem stones in the world that only has one color, and ironically, it was the lack of pattern, and A.Che’s choice to create a swimsuit of one solid tone that I was drawn to the most.

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

“In one way or another, we all want to embody the characteristics of a Polyanthus, shining vibrantly and radiating confidence without those inherit feelings of insecurity that are unique to ourselves, but we all know that such virtues can be terribly challenging.”

The fuchsia pink one piece is a total show stopper, and literally makes me feel like I am wearing a present wrapped in a shiny new ribbon. I love this suit! It truly embodies “fun in the sun” and brings a smile to my face instantly when I put it on.

In one way or another, we all want to embody the characteristics of a Polyanthus, shining vibrantly and radiating confidence without those inherit feelings of insecurity that are unique to ourselves, but we all know that such virtues can be terribly challenging.

When I first saw a polyanthus, aware of its meaning, I leaned in close, and whispered into its petals for ears, “Easier said than done.”
I continued, “You’re a flower, I’m only human.”

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

I’m only human… I thought about that phrase for a while, one that we all find ourselves saying at some point to justify a mistake or flaw.

While one’s deepest, and most serious insecurities are specific to one’s self, it is in fact summer time, and for those of us in the mists of the season, body image is a universal insecurity that many of us share in common. I don’t think I have ever put on a bathing-suit with out internally giving myself a pep-talk and sometimes, not even that works.

How we look in a bathing suit among the other swimmers is often a prominent thing on our mind, and perhaps the first step to self confidence when it comes to body image, is to recognize that we all have much bigger fish to fry. Personally, body image is one of many insecurities I have, and is certainly not my biggest one when I really think about it so I try my best to put my energy where it is needed most.

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

My first lesson in self confidence happened in the dressing room at Playboy Studios. I had waited all my life to be sitting in that makeup chair and I had felt nothing but excitement at the idea of Playboy until that moment. While my hair was setting in hot rollers, I picked up the last month’s issue, and flipped the pages to the centerfold. The blonde beauty was at least 15 pounds lighter than me, with out a doubt, and no amount of retouching was going to make me look that thin. I was suddenly stricken with panic as I reached for the the issue before that, only to find another petite beauty.

Just then the editor came by to check in to see how things were going. I stood up, removed my robe, and turned around so I could see my butt in the mirror, “I am a little bit concerned about this cellulite dent right here and over…”

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

“Never point out your flaws, particularly at work. No one notices them as much as you.”

I had never been so thankful for someone to interrupt in my life. Just then the photographer walked in to introduce himself, “Wow. Now THATS what a girl should look like.” The editor winked at me, and in that moment I had completely forgotten about the girls in the centerfolds.

“Our body image is very important and we all hold ourselves to different standards…”

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

The makeup artist chimed in too, “Yes, I agree” she added, “Look at these,” she pointed to my chest, “real.”
I was so thankful that she had stated that my boobs are real. Countless times I have had people accuse me that they are fake, and the greatest irony of all to me, is that they have always said it with a sort of negative connotation, as if fake boobs are a bad thing. I’ve certainly never retracted my admiration for one’s beauty if they have had work done. My feeling has always been what ever makes you happy. Beauty is beauty, whether you are born with it or pay for it as far as I’m concerned. And more importantly, as the story goes, is in the eye of the beholder, right?

We all present ourselves with a great deal of conscious decision from the way we choose to dress to the way we choose to do our hair. Very few of us truly walk around exactly as we popped out. I mean, I don’t imagine there are many Power Of Lace readers who have never worn a bra and that certainly changes ones appearance. How far one chooses to go for their appearance is merely a personal choice, and it is their right.

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

I once had a conversation with a plastic surgeon out of pure curiosity. I went to his office, sat in the chair and said “Okay, mark me up, tell me what you would change.”

“Well, I wouldn’t change anything. It’s not about what I would change, or what I think. It’s about what you would change, and how that part of your body effects your life.”

“I turn patients down all the time.” He continued, “After intensive consultation, if I don’t feel that the client is personally effected severely enough by the body part they would like to alter, I don’t take the client.”

“So what is it in a patient that makes you give the green light for say, a boob job.”

“Like any other doctor, my job is to improve the health and the quality of life of my patients, and it gives me great honor to help someone in that way. There are men and women who are deeply effected by a particular body part to a point where it literally holds them back from experiencing life, or having the confidence to socialize freely. The plastic surgery empowers them and gives them the ability to sit down at a bar that they might not have before. This is not to say that having plastic surgery is the answer to a happy life. Some people need to work out a bad memory with a shrink, or dye their hair, wear makeup, or none at all, or get tattoos (for example) to feel fully like themselves. And some people want a new nose, or new boobs. It’s all the same thing. It is simply what ever brings out the best in us.”

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

The doctor went on to tell me a story of how he was bullied for his nose throughout high school. He had gotten a nose job in college and it completely changed his life for the better. He didn’t even think he would have had the self confidence to approach is wonderful, beautiful wife had he not had that done. And that is why he decided to become a plastic surgeon. So he could give people who were deeply effected by their appearance the chance to truly shine and be themselves with out being held back by a body part.

That all made a lot of sense to me. Our body image is very important and we all hold ourselves to different standards, but the subject is not one to be written off as insignificant because how we appear on the outside says A LOT about us.

We know when a family member or friend is doing well, because it shows. When we feel like we are looking the best that we can as an individual, our confidence becomes contagious and lifts the spirits of everyone around us as a result. Plastic surgery or not, we at once have to love our bodies for what they are while also making an effort to take care of ourselves, because a healthy, happy body makes our personalities shine.

And for girls who are insecure about what men think of your flaws in a bathing suit, I have to tell you, I have found that they care much less than you think, nor do they even notice the flaws that you concentrate on in the first place. From what I have experienced, a little bit of cellulite or the lack of a six pack isn’t make or break for a dude. In fact, most men like a girl to be fleshy and healthy. We are attracted to happiness and confidence as human beings, people that lift our spirits, excite us, and stimulate our souls inside and out, rock hard abs or not.

The photos for this series are authentic shots, and I have intentionally not retouched any of these pictures on purpose as to genuinely share photographs that truly capture a real american girl on the beach; mermaid hair and all.

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

“Film has a magical ability to capture people just as you remember them in that moment…”

Photographically speaking, we live in an age where everyone is a photographer and we are constantly sharing our lives in photos through outlets such as Instagram. We now live in a world where “selfie” is a common word in our vocabulary and I encourage all of you to take them! The dominant hashtag has its downsides for sure, but I think it is best to embrace its positive aspects, and use the “selfie” as a vehicle to express ourselves and celebrate who we are. Don’t be afraid to explore what poses and angles work best for you because why shouldn’t you present your best self to the world? What fascinates me most about the culture of Instagram is our desire to capture ourselves through the aesthetic illusions of what film used to do for us. I am a digital photographer, through and through but when it comes to beauty, film is our friend, and digital is the enemy. A digital photograph is terribly unforgiving, while the grain of film only captures the beauty in a person. Film has a magical ability to capture people just as you remember them in that moment. Something about it has the gift to genuinely capture a memory, and aesthetically, that is what Instagram does for us today. So do yourself a favor and go crazy with the filters, for that is truly as close as we can get to how our hearts remember what we desperately try to capture in a photograph.

Power of Lace Featuring A.Che Swimwear

“Beauty is beauty, whether you are born with it or pay for it as far as I’m concerned. And more importantly, as the story goes, is in the eye of the beholder, right?”

I would argue that beauty is the most unique trait in the entire world. It is never one thing or another. It is a polyanthus, or a Myrtle flower. A brunette, or a blonde. A 1950’s huge rack, or a 1920’s flat chest. It is a green A. Che two piece, or a pink A. Che one piece. I don’t think I have ever found the same beauty twice.

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