Preserving Special Occasion Lingerie with Eucalan

Preserving Special Occasion Lingerie with Eucalan

With weddings, proms, and other festive occasions, this time of year calls for special lingerie. Strapless, backless or plunging bras, corsets, lacey panties, and shapewear all play a part in making you look and feel beautiful in your special dress.

But what happens to those delicate pieces when the party’s over? When you invest in high-quality lingerie, you want to wear it again and again. To make sure your special lingerie is ready for your next big event, it’s worth spending a little time to properly clean and store it.

Always Clean Your Lingerie Before Storage

Even if your bra looks spotless, wearing it to just one great party will have left perspiration, skin oils, deodorant, perfume, and body lotion on the fabric. The most treacherous spills are those you cannot see. Champagne and other white wines dry clear, but those spots contain sugars that will oxidize over time into yellow or brown stains.

Gelmor Lace: More Than A Pretty Lace
Above, lace from New York-based importer Gelmor Lace.

Don’t Delay

Waiting until laundry day to clean your lingerie will give stains time to set. Wash your delicate pieces the day after the party. Heading out of town for your honeymoon? Ask a bridesmaid or your mother to take care of your dress and lingerie promptly.

Wash With Care

Preserve delicate fabrics by hand washing in lukewarm water with a fine fabric wash like Eucalan. Eucalan is formulated to gently lift contaminants without the need for rubbing or rinsing, and it comes in a range of lovely fragrances to make washing less of a chore.

Treat visible spots with a soft, clean toothbrush dampened with full-strength Eucalan. Allow your lingerie to soak for at least 15 minutes, gently squeeze the sudsy water through the fabric, then soak for 15 minutes more. Lift the lingerie from the water and roll in a towel to remove excess water. Then lay your lingerie flat on a clean, dry towel away from direct sunlight, smoothing it into shape. Use a folded or rolled towel to support cup shaping if needed. Let the lingerie sit undisturbed until it is thoroughly dry.

Never use bleach on fine lingerie. This harsh chemical does irreversible damage to delicate fabrics.

Gelmor Lace: More Than A Pretty Lace
Above, Gelmor’s French lace for special occasion wear.

Storing Your Lingerie

Don’t mix special occasion pieces in with your everyday underwear. You’ll risk snagging the lace or crushing the cups, and it will get in the way during your daily morning rush.

Use acid-free tissue paper to stuff bra cups. Place a layer of tissue paper inside the garment to prevent creasing. Fasten all clasps. Use more acid-free tissue to wrap your pieces. Place them in a lidded storage box large enough to hold your lingerie without folding or crushing. Add a packet or two of silica gel desiccant to control humidity.

Avoid colored tissue paper – it can stain delicate fabrics over time. Avoid storing delicate lingerie in the attic or the garage – extremes of temperature and humidity can degrade the fabric. A high closet shelf or under-bed box are good storage spots.

With proper care and careful storage, your special occasion lingerie will be pristine and ready to enjoy the next time an engraved invitation arrives in the mail.

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