Profit and Minimalism

Profit and Minimalism

By Joy Menon

Whether you’re trying to simplify your professional or personal life, the task itself can be ironically quite complex. However, once you do learn to simplify, you’ll be amazed at how much more productive and efficient you’ll be. Simplicity is the key to success and it’s especially a must for the upcoming holiday season.

Below are ways to embrace simplicity so that it positively impacts your profits and business relationships.

Simplify Your Routine:

Profit and Minimalism

Consider a capsule wardrobe. Not having to stress about what to wear each day will save you time and energy. Staple pieces can be effortlessly coordinated so you always look polished and feel confident. When you feel confidence and clarity, you’re able to serve your clients more effectively. Precious time is allocated to matters that require true attention. Assure that your time is being managed in the most effective way and you’re not left frazzled.

Break the Mold:

Profit and Minimalism

Lately, I’ve noticed that many brands and personalities begin to look and behave similarly. Whether it’s familiar Instagram layouts and filters or Youtube videos with similar content and production, it’s time to do something a little differently. When there is too much product or output with little direction and focus, it becomes overwhelming and dull. Concentrate on your own unique look instead of mimicking what everyone else is doing. Simplify your branding by being selective on what channels your brand is on and how you choose to deliver your message. Remember that you don’t have to be on every social media channel to be successful and have amazing sales. Stand out from the crowd and share the authentic story your brand has to tell in a personal way.

Condense Your Product Range:

Profit and Minimalism

I recently read about a particular lingerie brand that is opening 20 more exclusive stores and not being familiar with this overseas brand, I visited the website to browse their range. What I found was they focused on basics and key categories. If you have your best sellers and collections that are already well recognized and preferred by your customers, then do give them the priority they deserve. Be conscious of trends and keep some special pieces, but being too product heavy and not considering how collections can work with each other and harmonize can have you losing sales. Simplify the decision making process for consumers.

I hope these tips encourage and inspire you to incorporate minimalism in areas where your time can be redirected to provide the most value for your customers.

Happy selling!

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