Publisher’s Statement: February 2016

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“Are you happy Creations went out of business?”

That’s the question lingerie industry folks have been asking me for a few days now. Yes, Creations was a competitor and an important one doing a damn fine job covering intimate apparel in print and online.

So, am I happy? The answer is NO.

Whenever a news organization, even one as niche as Creations, goes out of business it means people have less access to information and become reliant on fewer choices.

Luis at Tragic Kiss photo by Jan Klier

Taking photo at the Tragic Kiss booth. Photo by Jan Klier.

And in this Citizens United era that we live in, most media is controlled by Corporations. You may not realize this, but independent publishers like myself are a dying breed. And I’m a minority to boot, making me a publishing unicorn!

I worry about the future of publications (especially print) in every industry. I hope Network Dessous, publishers of the Best of Intima, learn from what happened to Creations. We certainly have.

I also hope lingerie bloggers are ready to fill in the information void print publications and other blogs are leaving behind.

the Muse Lingerie 2 photo by Jan Klier

With the Muse Lingerie’s Marcela Fiol at CURVENY. Photo by Jan Klier.

Should The Best of Intima or the Lingerie Journal be the only trade sources for the industry in the English-speaking world? I hope not.

The publishing world changes everyday and I want the Lingerie Journal to innovate. This month, we’re rolling out articles in Spanish and Portuguese to help us reach readers in these markets and connect even more buyers, brands and consumers together.

And We would love to hear from more of our readers about what they would like to read, see, hear or watch from us. Let us know and join the conversation.

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